PDF sharing the easy way.

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PDF Sharing - An Easy, User-Friendly Way

PDF Sharing – An Easy, User-Friendly Way

I get tons of people that ask me about PDFs; how to share them on social media, how to share them within emails, how to make them available to more people without sending this big fat attachment. I mean, honestly, PDFs are usually a massive file. Anywhere from 8 megabytes and up, whether it’s a report or a really big PDF image, or whatever it may be. I’m going to show you an easier way to provide people with a link for your email, your social media, or whatever other purpose you have. Let’s go over PDF sharing.

I’m going to dive right in and log in to my WordPress site. I’m going to share my screen here.

I am in Word Press here. The first thing you want to do is go to media. This, of course, is for those of you that have a Word Press site, obviously. Then once it decides to do something here you’re going to add something new to your library. This basically is where all your files are stored that you can use within your site. I’m going to quickly go where I know there is a PDF. Why can I never find one there? I’ll just use this for now. It is going to upload and do it’s thing.

You know what? It did work, it just worked too fast. I didn’t even notice. Then it’ll show right here. When you click on it it’s going to actually give you it’s own unique URL. Sometimes it’ll show a link or a URL here; do not use that. Use the one that has, it always has WP content upload, and then whatever your file name is. Then that is the link that you’re going to put on social media. You can have a graphic of whatever the document is, and then link to this PDF.

Watch what happens with I put it in a new browser. Ta-da. It just shows up right there, right in the HTML. That’s it. Super easy, right? A great trick to use to share your PDFs in a much more user-friendly way. That is it for today on PDF sharing, a quicker video than normal to make up for my one last week when it was really long. Have a better than great week and use this PDF sharing tip to make your life easier.

Be productive, be efficient, and may the winds always be at your back, guys.