Periscope for Business

Jul 13, 2016

Using Periscope for business may be your answer to strategic gains.Tweet: Using Periscope for business may be your answer to strategic gains. Read why-

periscope for businessBy now you should have heard of Periscope – it’s all the rage – as they say! Some of you may be thinking “Oh it’s just for fun – or just for the younger generation”. WRONG! Some of you are probably wondering what exactly it is and why or how you should use it for your business.

It’s a form of live video – where people can join, interact and watch while you film these live broadcasts. Launching in March of 2015 – by August they already boasted 10 million accounts – crazy right? Now it’s only available on Android and iOS – which can feel limiting – but let’s face it – who doesn’t have a smart phone or tablet? Be sure to have a Twitter account though – as it connects to that and uses your Twitter handle. So what can it do for your business you ask?

Connect with your audience: It allows people to see you ‘live’ and face to face so to speak.Tweet: Periscope allows people to see you ‘live’ and face to face - know more - They hear your voice and what you have to say, shows your personality and engages your audience. Key in marketing!

Show demonstrations: You can show your audience HOW to do something, sharing great tips plus your knowledge. This pegs you as an expert in your field, the ‘go to person’ for well, whatever it is you do! Whether it’s a product or service you have – it showcases it to a ‘T’.

Take them behind the scenes: Folks love that! I just saw one of Tony Robbins arriving at an event with his entourage. May seem slightly unexciting – but people LOVE that stuff. Hey – he got over 55, 000 followers in less than a day!

Promote events/giveaways and boost your list: Talk about some great content but let them know about great FREE downloads/reports/webinars or live events you are having. Give them the landing page url and direct them to a website. They enter – boom – you’ve grown your list.

Network: Hey – don’t just think about your broadcasts – get involved in others. Maybe there are folks in your industry that you would love to connect with and learn from.Tweet: #Periscope gives you a different avenue to #network from -

So either start doing videos and have a You Tube Channel or dive in and get a Periscope account. Don’t feel it has to be perfect – just have some fun with it. And don’t forget to promote you are going ‘live with a broadcast’ at a certain time on your other Social Media Platforms to bring in your viewers!