Why To Consider Hiring A Podcast Booking Agency

Jul 20, 2022

Podcast Booking Agency?

You see your peers guesting on podcasts, gaining authority and growing their biz like gangbusters – what is their secret? I chat with Julie Fry of Your Guest Expert about podcast guesting, how to get on shows, why to hire a guest booking agency and what to look for when you decide to work with one. Plus this is the first episode where I start sharing a favorite tool and a dad joke! 

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Why Being a Podcast Guest?

  • If you’ve been thinking about hosting a podcast, being a guest is an excellent way to test the medium and see whether being in front of a mic it’s right for you
  • Julie thinks that podcast guesting is a great way to connect with other people and build relationships, which are at the heart of everyone’s business. As the quote goes, ‘Your network is your net worth’
  • Julie shares that by guesting as someone who also hosts a podcast you’ll meet people who could be great guests for your show, and you could have interview swaps. The options of what could happen because of podcast interviews and guesting are endless
  • Over $100,000 of revenue in Julie’s business has come as a direct result of podcast guesting

Ways to Get Yourself on Podcasts

  • As someone who comes from a sales background, emailing to build connections is something that comes natural to Julie. However, many people do see emailing and pitching as a daunting mindset block
  • Julie recommends starting with your network: reach out to your contacts, let them know you’re utilizing podcast guesting as a medium and share the type of shows you’d like to be featured on and what you could talk about in an interview. Emails, LinkedIn messages and posts on any social media platform you’re active on are easy ways to get the word out
  • If you have a virtual assistant or a team, you can leverage these resources too – though, some team members may not have the appropriate training for effectively  pitching your on shows
  • Additionally, you could look into podcast matchmaking platforms such as PodcastGuests.com and Matchmaker.fm, as well as online communities like the Podcast Guest Collaboration Community Facebook group and Podwise by Angie Trueblood or podcast guest booking agencies like Your Expert Guest
  • Julie believes that just by being in a community with other people you’re going to build relationships, some of which are going to lead to or become great podcast guesting connections

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The Benefits of Hiring a Podcast Guest Booking Agency

  • For Julie, relying on a podcast guest booking agency like Your Expert Guest comes down to achieving your goals
  • Julie has noticed that her clients having a clear why leads her and her team to help them achieve their goals faster, and get them on quality shows
  • The thing with podcast guesting agencies is that they operate thinking about listeners in mind – what are listeners trying to get out of the episode? And why is the guest so uniquely positioned to serve them? Are a couple of the questions they address 


What to Look for in a Podcast Guest Booking Agency

  • If you’re talking with different agencies, Julie suggests asking about their process for finding you podcasts, their strategy and who are the top clients they serve
  •  ‘How do you prepare me for shows?’ is another question Julie recommends asking to podcast guest booking agencies
  • Seeing a sample pitch is another big one for Julie


Podcast Post CTAs


Your Podcast Guesting Strategy Depends on Your Goals

  • Julie shares that your strategy and approach depend on your goals. At Your Expert Guest, for instance, they have a client whose podcast is in the top 3% and she wants to be a guest on podcasts that mirror that. 
  • With another client, who’s new to podcast guest, Julie and her team focus on building the library of shows is featured on
  • And with a different client, who’s a divorce attorney using podcast guesting to drive referrals, they focus on getting him interviewed by podcasters who are practicing lawyers


When Is It Time to Work With a Podcast Guest Booking Agency?

  • When you’re already in that outsourcing mindset
  • When it comes to reaching your goals: do you want to invest your time or do you want to invest your money? That’s something worth asking yourself
  • You’ve been a podcast guest in the past, have seen the ROI and would like to take that to the next level


FEATURED ‘DAD JOKE’: What do you call a fish without an eye? *Answer in the episode!


About Julie

Julie Fry is the Founder of Your Expert Guest, a podcast guest booking agency for thought leaders that want visibility without spending HOURS on social media.

She and her clients can track hundreds of thousands of dollars of business back to being a podcast guest on top-ranked shows.

When she’s not being a guest and host matchmaker, she loves spending time with her family, watching SNL sketches and of course, listening to podcasts.

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