Organic Vs Paid: Podcast Growth & Lead Gen Strategies

Nov 8, 2023

Podcast Growth & Lead Gen Strategies

Are you guessing at how to promote your podcast in a way that builds your audience and attracts new leads? Have you ever considered paid advertising methods to boost your results? My friend Tori Barker and I did a live training sharing organic and paid promotion strategies to do just that so in today’s episode I’m sharing our advice on how to turn your podcast from a passion project to a profitable marketing tool. 

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Here’s a synopsis of what you’ll gain from listening to this episode. 

  • How to tap into paid advertising (Facebook, YouTube & Audio Ads) at ANY stage in your podcast without needing 5000 downloads and 5000 dollars.  
  • The Podcast Leverage System that will help you create consistent authority-boosting content that attracts new leads
  • Proven podcast growth strategies using both an organic and paid approach. 
  • How to turn your social media assets into Facebook Ads to double your podcast listens in the first 30 days. 
  • Why YouTube Ads are becoming the hottest strategy today to get thousands of views in 30 days without losing your shirt (and pants!). Who doesn’t want that kind of traffic? 
  • httpsSimplePodcastPress.comSSPref396

[00:03:23] – Importance of publishing podcast episodes on your websites

[00:10:02] – How to optimize blog posts for leads 

[00:15:04] – How to distribute for maximum exposure

[00:19:32] – How to repurpose podcast content to establish authority and engage with the audience.

[00:20:15] – How to leverage and repurpose the video from your podcast 

[00:32:39] – Discover how social media advertising can expand reach and target specific audience demographics.

[00:33:20] – Understand the benefits of using Facebook ads to target existing followers and engaged online users for podcast promotion.

[00:34:30] – A successful social media ad campaign with a $300 budget and 30-day timeframe.

[00:35:42] – Advantages of repurposing existing podcast content for social media ads, 

[00:41:53] – Tips for ustomizing your YouTube channel

[00:47:41] – Understand how to use YouTube’s advertising platforms

[00:51:53] – Learn about dynamic ad insertion on podcast hosting platforms

[00:56:19] – Understand how programmatic advertising can amplify content 

[01:00:29] – Different paid advertising platforms and strategies for podcasters

[01:05:34] – Learn about the support offered to new podcasters by Lyndsay and Tori


The Importance of Publishing Podcasts on Websites

One of the key topics we discussed was the importance of publishing podcast episodes on websites. This includes features like show notes and timestamps, which can enhance the listener’s experience. Personally, I prefer to listen to podcasts on websites rather than Spotify or iTunes. This is because websites offer a more comprehensive experience, with the ability to access show notes, timestamps, and other relevant content all in one place.

Optimizing Blog Posts for Leads and Engagement

We also delved into the importance of optimizing blog posts for leads and engagement. I suggested formatting blog posts with a sidebar widget to utilize additional space on the webpage. This can be done using different audio players, such as Simple Podcast Press, and incorporating call-to-actions, lead magnets, and affiliate products within the blog post.

The opportunity to capture leads by placing lead magnets directly underneath the podcast player is a strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked. Breaking up the blog post with visuals and including call-to-actions throughout the content can also enhance engagement. Tori agreed, adding that having a podcast on the website can increase the time visitors spend on the site.

Maximizing Exposure for a Podcast

We also discussed the importance of maximizing exposure for a podcast. I mentioned that I am an affiliate for the tools I share, earning affiliate fees when people sign up. Including calls to action in blog posts and Facebook groups, and having a template for these calls to action, makes it easy to duplicate and swap them out. This strategy not only breaks up the text but also strategically promotes services or offers.

Distributing the Podcast for Maximum Exposure

The second phase of my podcast leverage system is distributing the podcast for maximum exposure. It’s crucial to be on all podcast directories, including new ones that have popped up. Our favorite directories include Listen Notes and Good Pods, which provide rankings and promote other podcasts. LinkedIn newsletters are also a great way to reach subscribers and automatically notify them of new episodes.

Repurposing Podcast Content for Different Platforms

Repurposing podcast content for different platforms is another strategy we discussed. I suggest asking for the raw video when guesting on a show so that you can create video content from it. Recording podcasts in video format to leverage it on YouTube and other platforms is also beneficial. Branding the videos as your podcast can increase brand recognition.

When promoting podcast episodes, it’s important not to be too salesy. Avoid excessive links and instead focus on serving and helping the audience. I often give a tip in the post and then direct interested listeners to the full episode for more information.

Paid Strategies for Podcast Marketing

We also touched on paid strategies for podcast marketing, including social media advertising, YouTube advertising, and audio advertising. These strategies can expand reach and target specific demographics and interests, attracting new listeners and followers.

The Benefits of Using Social Media Ads

Social media ads can increase podcast exposure. Running ads can help reach a larger audience and increase engagement. Even if you have a small budget, social media ads can be affordable and effective.

Promoting Podcasts on YouTube

Promoting podcasts on YouTube is significant, especially since it now indexes podcasts. Having a customized branding and channel on YouTube before amplifying their channel is crucial. This includes having a branded header cover image, correct name, links, and a podcast playlist specifically indexed.

Ads can help grow a podcast audience. We analyzed the results of running ads on YouTube, noting that the ad-generated episode received more views and new subscribers compared to the organic episode.

The Benefits of Audio Advertising

Audio advertising can increase podcast listens on streaming services or platforms. These benefits include wider audience reach, increased credibility and authority, community building, networking opportunities, and a unique marketing channel for exposure.

The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising allows marketers to target specific audiences and track their interactions with ads across different platforms. It can be expensive, but it offers a high return on investment if it leads to conversions or sales.

Our Services

Tori specializes in podcast marketing strategy and offers consultations to help podcasters leverage their shows to grow their businesses. I focus on the organic side of content marketing and help podcasters optimize their content for maximum exposure.


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