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So grateful to have you join me on the Leverage Your Podcast show to share your wisdom, tools, advice to help more podcasters!

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NEXT – Please listen to an episode or two to get used to the format, feel and flow.

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We can’t wait to have a fun and informative chat with you! 

Our chat will be on Zoom for about 20-30 minutes. Please have your camera on and positioned well, so there is great lighting, and no distracting background. Being positioned i the middle of the camera /screen vs off to the side is also helpful. Please ensure you have a good microphone for audio quality.

We’ll inform you when the episode goes live and share a TON of amazing assets!

  • Video snippets & Reels
  • Quotes
  • Social Posts
  • Images

Although I do prefer an organic, natural conversation, here are some items or questions that MAY come up to help you feel more prepared.

  • Questions about how you started / why / journey
  • How you got into podcasting and why (or podcasting business)
  • Questions about your service/product/strategy
  • Success tips you can share about optimizing, monetizing, gaining listeners to your podcast, increase engagement, automate…

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