Leverage And Repurpose Your Podcast, Summit & Stage Talks In Powerful Ways To Boost Your Authority, Leads & Income 

Our Podcast Guest Leverage Packages

Your episode went live and now you are scrambling to share the episode on social media…

And if you are like most podcast guests, you don’t have time to …

  • Nurture your email list and share the episode or tips
  • Create a LinkedIn Newsletter and tap into subscribers that get notified of new content
  • Use the episode to create new shareable and ‘snackable’, consumable content that attracts your ideal client

Instead you might subconsciously rely on the host to do all the heavy lifting and so end up making these crucial mistakes…

  • Using the social media assets the host gives you, that is not branded for YOU.
  • Sharing links that push your audience to the hosts pages (and miss huge lead generation & conversion opportunities).
  • Ending up with inconsistent content that leaves you as the best-kept secret instead of the highly-paid authority.

And if you are lacking visibility as a sought after Guest Expert imagine how many podcast, summit, speaking, partnership, & collaboration opportunities you might be missing out on.  Get visible, get invited!

It’s time to use a system that LEVERAGES your podcast guest interviews for authority-boosting content, visibility, and leads with less overwhelm. 

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Ours is a white glove, done for you service designed to serve the podcast host, and thought leader who is serious about consistently leveraging their podcast. Your podcast can be repurposed to amplify your authority and attract qualified leads, in-bound client inquiries, and other brilliant outcomes.

Before we get started, we’ll have a 60 minute Strategy Call to map out your branding, voice, goals, client avatar, and call to actions. This allows us to get to work and start create engaging content that is so well crafted that all you have to do is say “Yes, these are approved.” We do the rest!

You benefit from a collection of assets that we post across the social media platforms most crucial to you. These can include elements such as:

show notes tab

Your outcome? You look brilliant wherever you show up and gain more exposure and visibility for your podcast, and in turn, your business. Best of all – we do it for you!

(Are you breathing a huge sigh of relief already?)

Repurposing your content needs to be a steady, consistent strategy, which over time will bring you steady, consistent benefits like clients coming to you pre-sold and ready to buy.

Let’s face it, anything you do one time rarely works.

Rest easy knowing that the team at Smooth Business Podcasting is in your corner and by your side. We will make you look brilliant across the social media platforms that matter to your business, as you make podcasting a consistent habit. You’ll be positioned as the go-to expert, attract your ideal client, showcase your expertise in multiple easy-to-consume formats, and generates leads and sales with relevant call to actions. 

“The best decision I made in 2023 I made was bringing Lyndsay onto my success team. My repurposed content is bringing me qualified clients that are ready to do business. What a revelation!”

Nancy Juetten

Podcasting Success Expert, Get Known Get Paid

Let’s start with a chat so we can find out your goals, what kinds of clients you are wanting to attract and how we can create authority-boosting content that will get you more leads and clients!

Here’s What Louise Said After Conducting a Podcast Leverage Audit and Working Through the Steps

Want Support In Applying the Podcast Leverage System For YOUR Podcast Guest Interviews?

We are content marketing experts first and foremost, so we integrate these principles into our podcast services! A podcast doesn’t stand alone, it should be weaved into your full content marketing plan so you can leverage it fully and ALL your marketing is working towards the same goal.

With a FULL TEAM of experts at your fingertips (we have editors, designers, writers, project managers…) and you won’t need to hire multiple contractors OR project manage all the moving pieces yourself. Imagine the peace of mind, time and money you’ll save!

We free up your time to work in your genius zone and serve your clients at a higher level.

Book a call to see how we can help you leverage the power of podcast guesting for more visibility, leads and authority with less stress and overwhelm!