6 Podcast Guest Promotion Roadblocks & How To Overcome Them

Sep 20, 2023

Podcast Guest Promotion Roadblocks

There can be several reasons why podcast guests may not promote their episodes as actively as podcast hosts would hope. Understanding these reasons can help hosts and podcast agencies address the issue and encourage better promotion, but it can also help bring awareness to podcast guests so they truly understand what opportunities they are missing. 

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Here are some potential reasons why podcast guests may not promote their episodes:

1 – Lack of Awareness: Some podcast guests may not fully understand the importance of promoting their episodes or may not realize that they’re expected to do so. Clear communication about the promotional aspect and the potential benefits can help set expectations.

For the host – set expectations up front. I include in the form a spot that they check off to say yes they will actively promote the episode. 

For the guest – it only benefits you the more you promote. It shows you as an expert, shares your knowledge, establishes trust, expands visibility for your business and brand and is content that is easy to share. 


2- Lack of Ownership: Guests might feel less ownership over the episode and may not consider themselves responsible for its promotion. This is crazy to me. You can not place all the responsibility on the host. You are in control of your own marketing and how you showcase yourself. Don’t leave it up to chance or someone else. 


3 – Mindset: Not all individuals are comfortable promoting themselves or their appearances. They might feel self-conscious about sharing the episode with their network. Imposter Syndrome is common and it may ‘feel like’ you are bragging to say you were featured on a podcast, but by NOT sharing the content that can help someone else, you are doing your audience a disservice. And every good marketer needs content – and what better content than your own that you shared as a podcast. 


4 – Didn’t Feel The Episode Highlights Their Authority: If the podcast interview didn’t give a guest the opportunity to share personal stories, insights, or expertise that highlight their skills, they might not see a significant benefit in promoting it. 

To prevent this from happening again, reverse engineer your podcast topics. Create topics and interview questions that steer the host in the right direction. It helps guide them to ask the questions that set you up for success. Have examples, and stories to illustrate points that seed your products or services, showcase your successes. Don’t leave it to chance that the host can ask any random question. 

Typically I won’t even go on podcasts that are about the ‘journey’ or shares my story – I prefer it to speak about a topic that relates to my expertise. 

Now as a host – don’t be afraid to ask your guest for an example to illustrate their result or point. People love stories, and it’s a way for your guest to highlight their skills and authority. And remember – if the guest feels like the episode showcased their expertise, they are more likely to share. 

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5 – Don’t Know How: Some guests might not be familiar with effective promotion strategies, including using social media, newsletters, or other online platforms.

In my Podcast Guest Leverage System I share 4 Steps. Here is a quick list of what you can do to leverage that content and promote the episode and your expertise. 

  1. Publish the content on your site as a post (image, link to audio, YouTube video, show notes) – Don’t forget to include Call to Actions!
  2. Quotes & Tips – social media posts that share 1 piece of useful info that you shared (and saying that you were a guest expert on XYZ show)
  3. Email your list sharing the episode – you want to nurture them after all
  4. Video snippets and reels – don’t be afraid to ask for the raw video. Use it to create reels, YouTube shorts and video clips for content. It’s YOU shining through with your amazing insights! 


6 – Time Constraints: Guests, especially those with busy schedules, might struggle to allocate time for promoting their podcast episodes amidst their other commitments. A solution for that? Hire out! Have your VA create some assets and schedule the social media posts and emails. Create a process, so that every time an episode goes live your team knows exactly what to do. Or contact us! That’s what we do! 


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