Podcast Guesting Tips From 5 Booking Agencies

Apr 17, 2024

Podcast Guesting Tips

Guesting on podcasts is a hot way to tap into other people’s audiences, boost authority, expand your reach, establish partnerships and well, grow your list, leads and business. 

So let’s make sure you are doing everything to optimize your efforts to get booked on the right shows, with the right message, in front of the right audience so that you can leverage it for leads, content and sales.  

I have interviewed expert podcast booking agencies and gleaned a ton of actionable advice that you can take today to up your podcast guesting game.

  • Booking hundreds of guests on thousands of shows, these experts know what works. Here are my favorite tips including…
  • Discover how to present yourself professionally to match the quality standards of top podcasts.
  • How to use the Cocktail Party Strategy to embrace authenticity and stand out from the crowd
  • How to craft a compelling one-sheet that highlights your expertise and value proposition.
  • Why you need to tailor your talk to what people buy
  • Tips on hiring a podcast booking agency (and when to know you are ready)


Key Moments:

  • [00:00]  Mastering the Art of Podcast Guesting
  • [00:07]  Maximizing Your Impact as a Podcast Guest
  • [03:16]  Building Your Brand and Business
  • [04:56]  The Cocktail Party Strategy To Interviews
  • [06:28]  The Power of Niching Down
  • [09:52]  Tips for Crafting a Compelling One Sheet
  • [15:16]  Tips for Hiring a Podcast Booking Agency 
  • [18:58]  Maximize Your Podcast Guest Appearances for Leads and Clients



Up Your Video Game

Tom Schwab; Interview Valet

How you show up to podcast interviews (as a guest) matters. 

You can no longer wing it! You have to show up differently.  Here’s why according to Tom Schwab of Interview Valet. Now is the time to up your video ‘game’ when podcasting, shares Tom Schwab. 

1 out of 5 Podcasts used video pre Covid, and 75% use video now. What huge growth! 

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines for podcasts. 

It changes how you show up. You want to look professional. 

If the host shows up looking good, with a professional microphone, good lighting, background, and professional attire – you want to follow suit.  If you don’t look good or sound good you just killed your credibility.

Tom Schwab 2

Set The Right Goal

Tom Schwab; Interview Valet

Tom also shared that showing up on an interview is simply not enough. “The goal is NOT to get on a podcast”. You want to…

  • Connect with the host
  • Promote the episode
  • Build a relationship with the host
  • Be a gracious guest
  • Show up professional, looking good, and sounding good

Growing your brand and business should be the goal. 

If the host has access to your perfect audience why would you not want to build a relationship with them? If you do a good job that host will want to promote you. Plus imagine the referral source you could foster!  

>>Listen To The Whole Episode With Tom


Use The Cocktail Party Strategy

Robert Ingalls; Lawpods

Don’t feel you need to be scripted and polished. 

Imagine this – you are at a networking event, and there is a hot topic, you start talking passionately…and then people around you notice and lean in, ask questions, and start getting involved in the conversation. 

That’s the way you want the conversation to go.  You are talking passionately and other people are listening in to your conversation. You want that authenticity to come through. This will help you stand out. 

Show up as you are.


Narrow Down Your Focus

Robert Ingalls; Lawpods

“Sometimes, the key to success lies in narrowing your focus. As an expert in the podcasting industry, I’ve discovered the immeasurable benefits of specializing within a niche. It gives you a competitive edge, helps you build a network, and facilitates growth.”

The same holds true with your talk topics. You want to be known for something specific. If you talk about something general, like Facebook Ads or Content Marketing, you’ll get lost in the sea of episodes. You won’t stand out. But if you talk about Facebook Ads that help podcasters build an audience – that speaks to a specific group (your ideal client). This is what you want to stand out. 

>>Listen To The Full Episode With Robert


https www.tubebuddy.com smooth


Embrace The Identity Of A Speaker

Anastasia Lipske; Access Speakers

Are you wanting to transition from podcast guesting to speaking on stage (virtual or live)?

Then let ‘speaking’ be a part of your language, says Anastasia (of Access Speakers). 

Get used to saying you are a guest expert, speaker, author etc. 

You want your name synonymous with ‘speaker’ in your social media profiles, on your website, one sheet, speaker page… 

And publishing the podcasts you guest on only helps you (that digital footprint). The more people see your name and guesting on podcasts and speaking, the more credibility and opportunities you’ll have.

quote 1

One Sheet Tips 

Anastasia Lipske; Access Speakers 

A common mistake is putting your name in big letters at the top of the one sheet. Your name should NOT be the focus. 

The focus should be your topic, your voice, what you are known for and how you will help the audience on the show you guest on. 

Be sure to include at least one image of you, and try to stick to one page. Two is acceptable if you are sharing your interview questions, but never go past 2 pages. 

>>Listen To The Full Episode With Anastasia


Tailor Your Talk To What People Buy

Antoniette Roze; Wellness Productions

It’s easy to have your talk share the nuts and bolts of your ‘system’ or process but if you don’t dig into the problem and the solution – they aren’t going to buy what you are ‘selling’ in your talk. 

This is a mistake that many speakers make (and podcast guests!).

Create a signature talk that reflects your brand and expertise, while also allowing for flexibility and variety in your content. Have a core message but have enough flexibility to be able to adapt it to different audiences and occasions. 

It’s important to know WHO you serve and how you can help them transform their lives. Antoniette has a unique process where she focuses on the impact, rather than your step by step system or method. You want to create a compelling message that resonates. 

And when pitching to speak, focus on the finished product, the result of the talk rather than the technical details. And don’t discount the power of storytelling, relatability and guiding the audience through a journey in every talk.

Meg Burrage

Don’t Leave The Audience Hanging

Antoniette Roze; Wellness Productions

You captivated the audience, they are hanging on every word and digging what you are saying. 

When your talks (or interview is over), don’t forget to share with them what the next step should be. 

Your interview is the first step in the journey. Give them clear instructions with an easy to remember url. It’s your way to convert listeners to leads. Don’t make them search or guess! 

>>Listen To The Full Episode With Antoniette


What To Look For In A Podcast Booking Agency

Julie Fry; Your Expert Guest

If you’re talking with different podcast booking agencies, Julie suggests asking about their process for finding you podcasts, their strategy and who their top clients are that they serve.

  • Ask about their process for finding you podcasts
  • Ask them how they prepare you for the shows. 
  • Find out what their strategies are
  • Dont’ be afraid to inquire who their top clients are
  • Ask to see a sample pitch

Julie Fry 1

How To Know When You Are Ready To Work With A Guest Booking Agency

Julie Fry; Your Expert Guest

Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s time to pull the trigger… hire a VA, outsource your content, get an SEO company and even hire a guest booking agency… 

And by sitting on the fence for a long time, you may be holding your business back from achieving more. Here are some things to consider to know if it’s the right time…

  • When you’re already in that outsourcing mindset
  • When it comes to reaching your goals ask yourself – do you want to invest your time or do you want to invest your money? 
  • You’ve been a podcast guest in the past, have seen the ROI and would like to take that to the next level
  • You are focused on freeing up your time to focus on revenue generating tasks

>>Listen To The Full Episode With Julie



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