Podcast Guesting Strategies – From Niche Targeting to Networking

Mar 6, 2024

Podcast Guesting Strategies

Podcast guesting is more than simply being asked questions on a podcast and then expecting a flood of leads. You have to be strategic, and intentional, and leverage it fully to get the most benefits. Today I chat with Guest Experts On Air owner and visibility expert Josef Schinwald about how to get booked on high-end podcasts, why you should be niche targeting, what makes a good guest, and how every podcast is a networking event.

  • How to get booked on high end podcasts and the impact it can have for your visibility
  • What makes a good podcast guest and what mistakes to avoid
  • How to craft compelling stories that resonates with the audience
  • Niche targeting 
  • How to leverage your interviews for collaborations and partnerships


[00:00]  Intro

[03:44]  Elite Podcasts and Audience Research

[10:14]  Maximizing Podcast Guest Opportunities for Niche Targeting and Brand Visibility

[18:18]  Using Podcasting For Networking Opportunities 

[22:23]  Qualities of a Good Podcast Guest and Crafting a Compelling Story

[26:28]  Mastering the Art of Podcast Guesting Tour Marketing

[29:40]  Building Meaningful Online Relationships 

[33:08]  Tips For Pitching Podcasts


Booking Elite Podcasts and Audience Research

Josef shares the importance of high-end podcasts and attracting valuable guests to elite shows. We chat about the criteria for identifying elite podcasts, such as having renowned guests and high global rankings. Josef does audience research through tools like ChatChitDB to ensure relevance and engagement. There is an abundance of active podcasts and so the need for niche targeting to stand out in specific industries is more important now. 


Navigating the Podcasting Landscape

Josef suggests targeting high-end podcasts that align with a guest’s expertise and audience. By focusing on niche targeting and selecting podcasts strategically, guests can maximize their impact and visibility within their respective industries.


Identifying High-Quality Podcasts

Josef highlights the importance of considering metrics like guest quality, global ranking, and audience relevance when selecting podcasts for guest appearances. He also uses AI tools like ChatGDB for audience analysis, which can help in identifying the most suitable podcasts for guest appearances.


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Qualities of an Ideal Podcast Guest

Being a good podcast guest goes beyond expertise; it requires authenticity, humility, and a genuine connection with the audience. Josef suggests sharing compelling stories. Guests with unique and engaging stories tend to resonate well with podcast audiences, offering a blend of entertainment and education.


Mastering the Art of Podcast Guesting Tour Marketing

The process of podcast guesting tour marketing involves initial Zoom calls to discuss objectives and packages, followed by working on positioning using updated biographies. The focus is on marketing positioning and self-promotion. The next steps include editing documents, setting up campaigns, and utilizing multichannel outreach with a focus on email and LinkedIn. 

Personalization and using artificial intelligence to identify suitable podcast hosts are crucial. The goal is to efficiently match clients with the right podcasts and navigate various challenges that may arise in the process.


Maximizing Podcast Guesting Opportunities

Joseph’s approach to helping clients navigate the podcast guesting landscape involves meticulous research, strategic outreach, and personalized campaigns tailored to each guest’s objectives and target audience.


About Josef

As a visibility strategist,  Josef’s diverse experiences in the media landscape, ranging from Associate Publisher to Vice-president of a multinational newspaper throughout Latin America, and a professor in paradigmatic business designs at three universities, have equipped him with in-depth business knowledge. This journey, coupled with my over 50 TV show appearances has given Josef a rich understanding of the ever-evolving media dynamics.


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