Create A Podcast Guesting Tracking System That Boosts ROI

Mar 22, 2022

Podcast Guesting

Lyndsay shares the podcast guesting tracking system that boosts your ROI – and goes over what you should focus on when it comes to tracking your podcast guest ROI, and tweaking what you do to get better results.

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Lead Generation Not Working

I often hear people complain about the fact that their podcast guesting efforts don’t seem to lead them anywhere – they aren’t generating leads, their authority isn’t growing, neither is the exposure they’re getting as a result.

The time and marketing budget spent for doing interviews and pushing them out there don’t seem to be generating a positive ROI.

Two Things to Track in Your Podcast Guesting

If you have been a podcast guest before and have had struggles, the key thing needed when moving forward is to gather data by tracking.

Excel spreadsheets can help with that!

There are two main elements to focus on: your interview bookings (who you have pitched yourself to), and your results.

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Tracking Your Podcast Guest Interviews

When it comes to the first, here are what you can focus on if you’ve gone about pitching yourself through social media, email outreach, or platforms like PodMatch and Guestio:

  • who you’ve pitched
  • who, among those, said yes
  • who you should follow up with
  • what interviews have actually been booked
  • when the episode was published


Tracking Your Podcast Guest ROI

One of my clients was focusing on a specific kind of podcast but, despite being on a ton of them, she wasn’t really getting any leads or clients from them.

So, we pivoted toward a different type of podcast and found that those interviews were generating a ton of leads.

That was just the tip of the iceberg, though.

In fact, after that, we asked ourselves: what’s the conversion from getting the lead to getting the call, to actually becoming a client?

That helped us realize that even though she was generating plenty of leads, none of them were converting into paying clients.
A new tweak led to fewer leads being generated from podcast guest interviews but the leads she was getting were her ideal avatar, and she managed to convert them into paying clients.

If you’d like to track your podcast guesting ROI, here’s what to do:

  • create a lead-magnet (or series of lead-magnets) that you’ll share on the shows you’re featured on
  • create trackable links (we used Pretty Links) that are unique to each podcast – so that you can monitor the influx of web traffic and can identify whether a particular podcast guest interview generated traffic (aka clicks) toward your freebie
  • track the clicks coming to your website on the first 4-6 weeks following the publishing of a podcast guest interview you did

What to Experiment With (to Increase Your ROI)

There are several things you could tweak in order to try to increase the Return on Investment of your podcast guest interviews. For example, you could update your One-Sheet, your pitch emails, and so on.

The idea here is to track things – on your spreadsheet – so that you can understand what’s working.


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