Strategies That Generate Hot Leads For Podcast Guests

Jun 12, 2024

Generate Hot Leads For Podcast Guests

There is more to being a podcast guest then having a one sheet, pitching to be on a show and recording the interview. Every step of the process needs to be strategic for you to gain leads and clients. 

My guest today, Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections, go way back to when we were VA’s and started our businesses and she’s going to share about intentional strategies behind what shows you book on, your mindset about guesting, your talk, your offer and how to leverage the episodes to get more ROI.

What you’ll gain: 

  • What strategies to focus on that will attract leads and clients (ie monetize your podcast guesting).
  • Common mistakes podcast guests make in their interviews that jeopardize their ROI 
  • How to craft a compelling call to action to move listeners to working with you
  • How to leverage podcast content post-interview to boost your results
  • Why your goals will impact podcast guesting, your approach and ROI 
  • An indirect ROI from podcasting, which has become the sole reason for guesting for one of Jessica’s clients 
  • How you can track and test your ROI from podcast guesting 
  • Why ‘co-creating’ an episode should be in your vocabulary and mindset before the interview


Key Moments: 

  • [00:06]  Monetize and Get Leads from Podcasting
  • [04:34]  Common Mistakes To Avoid
  • [09:22]  How To Maximize the Impact of Your Podcast Guesting Strategy
  • [19:01]  How To Leverage Content 
  • [22:12]  Booking The Right Shows
  • [24:29]  Tapping Into Podcast Host Relationships 
  • [27:28]  Goals for Monetization
  • [27:39]  Preparation, and Targeting the Sweet Spot Guests
  • [28:26]  How Many Interview Topics You Should Have


The Importance of Clarity and Intention

It’s so crucial to have a clear message and strategic intention when appearing as a podcast guest. Jessica emphasizes that the lack of a well-defined message and call-to-action can be the primary reason why podcast guesting may not yield the desired results in terms of leads and conversions.

“If you’re not getting leads from podcast guesting, it’s not that podcast guesting doesn’t work, it’s that your interview did not compel the listeners to reach out.”


Crafting a Compelling Podcast Appearance

Jessica outlines several best practices for creating a successful podcast appearance:

  • Develop a Targeted One-Sheet: Prepare a concise one-sheet that outlines the specific topics, questions, and valuable information you can provide to the host and their audience.
  • Co-Create the Episode: Actively engage with the host to co-create the episode, ensuring the conversation aligns with your business goals and target audience.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Share your unique methods, systems, or a clear call-to-action that encourages listeners to take the next step in engaging with your business.


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Measuring Success Beyond Leads

While many businesses focus solely on the immediate lead generation from podcast appearances, Jessica emphasizes the importance of looking at the broader impact, such as:

  • Increased Authority and Credibility: Being a featured guest on multiple podcasts within your industry can significantly boost your perceived expertise and trustworthiness.
  • Improved SEO and Website Traffic: The backlinks and exposure from podcast appearances can drive valuable organic traffic and improve your search engine rankings.
  • Unexpected Opportunities: Jessica shares stories of clients receiving unexpected opportunities, such as speaking engagements and promotions, as a result of their podcast appearances.


Consistency and Commitment: The Keys to Successful Podcast Guesting

Consistency and a long-term commitment to the podcast guesting strategy are crucial for achieving success. She cautions against quitting too soon, as the true benefits of this approach may take time to manifest.


“Oftentimes, we want there to be more to it. We’re like, ‘No, but it must be more complicated.’ And it’s like, ‘No. You actually just need to go do it.'”


By implementing the strategies and insights shared in this article, you can unlock the power of podcast guesting to drive tangible results for your business, from lead generation to increased authority and visibility.


About Jessica

Jessica Rhodes founded Interview Connections, the world’s first and leading podcast booking agency in 2013, back when no other agencies like it existed. Since its founding, Interview Connections has booked over 30,000 podcast interviews for over 800 clients! Jessica is passionate about helping entrepreneurs who feel like the best-kept secret grow their business online through genuine, human-to-human connection. The podcast interviews Jessica and her team have booked have helped their clients generate millions of dollars in sales, sell thousands of books, and transform countless lives.


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