Podcast Interview on Safeguarding Your Business

erniebryan-lyndsayphillips (1)On episode 10 of Safeguarding Your Business, we talked about how some business owners try to do everything in their business themselves which can be counter-productive!  To grow your business, you need to take a step back and see the big picture – and seek to work more ON your business not IN your business. Host Ernie Bryan interviews Smooth Sailing Online Support owner Lyndsay Phillips.

Things Learned In This Interview:
1. What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) brief explanation of the whole Virtual Assistant (VA) phenomenon.

2. Some examples of work that business owners should consider outsourcing to a VA or Staff.

3. Where to find and how to hire your VA or Staff and is overseas a good option.

4. How do you train your VA or Staff.

5. Are there any safety measures you can put into place when working with a VA (as they have access to so much information, logins etc).

6. How do you manage your VA or Staff (tools, best practices).



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