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Dec 22, 2017


Interview Valet Dan Moyle

Interview Valet

Dan Moyle is the Chief Marketing Officer at Interview Valet where he sets the marketing strategy for the business in addition to working directly with clients. Dan talks about interview marketing and what you need to do to have successful interview based podcast and how Interview Valet can help.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What do you mean by interruptive advertising?
  • What is inbound marketing?
  • What is podcast interview marketing?
  • What kinds of goals should you have when you start your podcast?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts of podcast marketing?
  • What makes a good guest?
  • What should you do once the podcast goes live?
  • Do you have any tips for Instagram?
  • Are there any other directories we should be syndicating to?

Key Lessons Learned:


  • People are tired of being interrupted in their life with advertising they don’t ask to see, but that seems to be most common way of getting attention in the market today.
  • Inbound marketing includes content marketing but it can include other aspects.
  • Convert. Delight.
  • Most of the people we do business with are people we know, like, and trust. Inbound marketing is really all about relationships and building those trust factors.
  • Podcast interview marketing is the newest tool in the marketing toolbox alongside social media, paid ads, and content marketing. It’s about telling your story and sharing value with the audience.


  • When starting out, your goal should be to figure out your goals of your podcast in the first place and then define your buyer persona. What are you trying to achieve for you business? What do you want the listener to get out of it? Who are your listeners?
  • Most people who start a podcast don’t carry it through. Podcasting is a long term marketing strategy.
  • It’s almost a selfish act, you get to ask the questions you always wanted to know from someone who may not have the time to speak to you one on one.
  • If you are a guest on someone’s podcast, treat it like a full fledged media appearance.
  • As a guest, invest in quality equipment, show up early, and help promote the show afterwards. Don’t worry about stumbling on your words, a podcast is meant to be an authentic conversation.
  • A good guest is prepared and professional, being a good story teller is helpful too.
  • Be conversational but focus on the interview subject itself.
  • Having a one-sheet is a great way to advertise yourself as an interview guest. It includes the bio and possible interview topics. People are busy so don’t bombard them with your pitch.
  • Send the listeners back to a specific page at the end of the interview and then promote the show once you’re done.
  • Your podcast has to have a home base. You should have a website where you own and control the content.
  • Show notes are great but transcribing is also another way to leverage your audio content.
  • Focus on the main directories like iTunes and Stitcher, and once you’ve got those going you can expand to the lesser trafficked podcast directories.

Interview Valet

  • Dan’s company Interview Valet is essentially a media agency that helps their clients get on relevant podcasts to spread their message.
  • Interview Valet focuses on the business, faith, and health and wellness niches.

Final Tips

  • Be helpful, servant leadership should be your focus when coming onto someone’s podcast.
  • Be prepared, be courteous, and offer value to the audience. Don’t forget to promote, promote, promote!

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