5 Steps To Attract More Leads & Clients From Your Podcast Interviews

Apr 5, 2023

Podcast Interviews

Have you ever been on a guest on a podcast and the interview felt like it went nowhere and you it didn’t really showcase your expertise?

You know – a lot of general questions, or stories about your journey and it got off on tangents, or maybe there were a lot of random questions? 

And it left you wondering – how are people truly going to know how I can help them and what I do best? 

It’s so deflating. 

Here are the steps and strategies that will help you take control back over the interview to set you up for success and attract more leads and clients.

Your topics need to be ‘sexy’ vs general. The host (and audience) needs to know exactly what they are going to get out of it. 

BUT on the flipside – it has to be something that will steer the audience to a program or service to get MORE of that.  

For example one of my topics is How To Create a Tracking System That Boosts Your Podcast Guesting ROI

If I had How to Create A Podcast Tracking System or Tips on Podcast Guesting it’s not specific enough. It’s not a hook. 

They know I’m sharing a proprietary system, who it benefits and what the result is. 

And of course it pushes to my service of managing guest interviews, tracking (and then yes we promote). Plus I have a training (a lead magnet) that I would offer on that podcast as the natural next step. 

It’s a journey that makes sense for the audience and for me as a business owner. 

2 – Lead Magnet 

Hopefully you have a few lead magnets (free resources in exchange for an email) to offer your audience / prospects.  

You’ll want to choose (or create) one’s that feel like a natural next step after listening to that episode. 

Ie if you are sharing a topic about 5 Ways To Boost Email Open Rates 

And you share some great tips – if you offered a lead magnet about social media – well that is a disconnect. If you simply share your website – it’s not enough of a hook for the audience to take time to check you out and they may get sidetracked once you are there. 

And a discovery call or consultation may be too big of a commitment for them up front. 

You want an irresistible offer – like an Email Success Guide or Email creation checklist, or Email Deliverabiliity Training – you get the drift… 

3 – Questions

Next, you want to make sure that you give questions that helps the host steer the conversation in a way that helps you showcase this topic and keep the interview on track. 

EP 68 1

Many One Sheets I see – have a list of topics, then that’s it. So the host has no idea what to really ask to guide the conversation that helps showcase your expertise. 

Or I see a list of topics, then underneath a list of ‘general’ questions. 

This causes the host to ask random questions that don’t necessarily cover the topic that they selected (or you selected). 

The host is not equipped and doesn’t know your material, your expertise enough to know truly what to ask or how to get that juicy information from you that wows their audience. 

You need to format your One Sheet, or press page in a way that gives them a few topics, but they need 3-4 questions for each topic so they know what you are going to cover. 

Heck, you can even give them extra info once booked, so that it shares questions on that topic (and a teaser / or cheat sheet on what you’ll share when you answer). 

The host then knows exactly how the conversation will go, what amazing information you’ll share and it’ll help guide the interview that showcases what YOU want in the episode. 

4 – Client Story Soundbites 

You also want to share stories on podcasts that illustrate (or a combination of):

  • Success stories you’ve helped create
  • Outcomes your clients have had
  • Problems your avatar / clients had when they came to you
  • Share your method, your systems, your expertise (what sets you apart)
  • Seeds your program, your coaching, your events or services

Just get those stories on paper – it doesn’t have to be fancy – do a brain dump or jot down a ton of bullets.

Then condense it into a 1 or 2 minute ‘blurb’. It has to be concise. 


I had a client who spent a ton of money on Facebook Ads, and grew her list, but her list wasn’t converting. Her open rates were 8% and no one was buying. I helped her clean her list, create a list hygiene plan, made changes to her email format and emailed based on engagement and after 60 days her email opens were moving up to 30% and after 5 months, up to 65%. She’s finally getting ROI out of her email list.

It’s concise, shares the problem, what I did to fix it (briefly) and the result. 

You of course can say – A member of my X program felt like this when she joined…  

You can say – and I used my xyz method to do THIS and then her result was THIS

Sharing your methods, your programs, your systems, the tools you use or create that makes you the expert and gives you the x factor is key.  It makes you THE solution. 

5 – Story Soundbite Triggers 

This is where you pull it altogether. 

Look at the topics you have. And look at the questions that the host can ask. 

What questions are a natural segway into sharing some of those client story soundbites? 

These will be your ‘triggers’.  So when someone asks you that specific question, you know what story you’ll be sharing. 

You can even create a cheat sheet for each interview topic.  


  • Key points you’ll cover
  • Soundbite Story 

Imagine how smooth the interview will be, what killer information you’ll share and how you’ll consistently be seeding your impact on your clients and what programs / services you have.


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