Powerful Podcasting with Jessica Rhodes

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Powerful Podcasting with Jessica Rhodes

Powerful Podcasting with Jessica Rhodes

Powerful Podcasting


I was delighted to have the opportunity to sit down with the Founder and CEO of “Interview Connections”, Jessica Rhodes. Jessica also hosts the hit internet TV show: Internet Connections TV, the “Rhodes to Success Podcast”, and is the Co-host of “Podcast Producers”: a 10 Episode series on iTunes all about “how-to” create a podcast.

Along with all of these feats, Jessica is a guest speaker at the Awesome Dream Business Academy and has also shared the stage with an assortment of experts at The Podcast Movement and Podcast New England.

Needless to say, Jessica is an expert of all things “Podcasting” and really breaks down the elements of starting and having an amazing podcast show specifically for you! Tune in today to discover all of her expert tips on Podcasting!  


  • What are some of the challenges with starting a podcast?
  • What are some benefits of having a podcast show?
  • Where should you begin your search for guest?


Benefits of having a Podcast Show:

  • Amazing Relationship Building Tool: amazing way to start, nurture, grow, and strengthen your relationship with people in business.
  • Credibility Factor: when you have your own podcast it instantly boosts your credibility and “celebrity factor” within your niche or area of expertise

Tips for Budding Podcasters:

Starting Your Show

  • Always have a clear idea of
    • Who your target audience is
    • What the purpose of your show is
  • Know a format and schedule you want for your show and be consistent with that format and schedule
    • This will set you apart from the majority

Finding and Interviewing Guests:

  • Research your target audience and find the “right” people in your area of business to interview
  • Don’t get wrapped up in going after the big names; focus on going after guests who put out great content and great value
  • Reach out to prospective Expert Guest and be clear about “why” you’d like to interview them and “what” the topic of conversation will be
  • Demonstrate towards your guests the stability and plan of action you have for your show
    • Guests normally wouldn’t like to be a part of a show that is going to run its course in a short period of time
    • This will also show them that you can help them be successful as well

3 Part Email to Your Potential Guest

  1. Introduction
    • Who you are
    • How you know them or know about them
  2. Your expressed interest for an interview with one or two sentences about your show and what you’d be interviewing them about
  3. What is required of them
    • How long the interview is
    • How you’re recording (Skype, Zoom, etc)
    • How the scheduling is set out
      1. Usually use an online scheduler to choose time and date that works best for THEM
      2. Good rule of thumb is to schedule now and record in 6-8 weeks

Analyzing Your Data:

  • Don’t worry too much about download stats
  • Worry more about engagement and putting out valuable content to your listeners



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