Using Quizzes To Generate Email Leads with Josh Haynam

Sep 4, 2017

Josh Haynam


Generate Email Leads with Josh Haynam


Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a place for creating beautiful and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about new ways to connect with customers and build trust with them.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Why are quizzes so popular these days?
  • How are quizzes used in marketing?
  • Are there stats behind the best time to ask for the opt in?
  • Can you segment a list based off the answers to a quiz?
  • How do you make a quiz fun while still being useful to your business?
  • Is there one type of quiz that’s the best?
  • What are some of the big mistakes people make when creating a quiz?
  • How does Interact work?

Key Lessons Learned from Josh Haynam:


  • We all love to learn more about ourselves and validate how we feel about ourselves.
  • Quizzes allow you to express yourself by answering questions.
  • 40% of the words we use in our lifetime are about ourself.
  • Quizzes are often the closest thing to having a conversation online.
  • The best time to ask for the opt in is after they’ve answered all the questions, you will get 100% more opt ins compared to other times. Leave it optional.
  • You can segment the list directly based off the answers to a quiz as well as the results.
  • Quizzes can gather all the same data as a survey while being more engaging and interesting to the user.
  • Think about how you would ask someone questions if they were sitting directly in front of you. Stay on brand but try to be more conversational and fun.
  • Plain text questions are often the best with images being the best for answers.
  • Seven questions are optimal for quiz length, you want to gather useful info but not bore the user.
  • The biggest mistake people make when creating quizzes is being too dry and not tying the quiz back to your business.


  • Interact provides the best performing templates in 60 different verticals.
  • Quizzes are built on the Interact system and can be implemented via WordPress plugin.
  • Tracking and analytics are included.


  • There are three main reasons to use quizzes for marketing.
  • Growing your email list
    • You can get someone’s email in return for the results of the quiz.
    • People are very engaged once they go through all the questions, you can often see opt ins as high as 50%.
  • Selling Products
    • The outcome can help determine which product is right for the user.
    • Personalized product recommendations convert 235% higher than generic recommendations.
  • Growing your social presence
    • 10% of people who take quizzes share their results.

Final Tips from Josh Haynam

  • Quizzes can change your marketing game, just make sure to tie them back into your business.
  • Don’t make your quiz too dry, keep it light and conversational.

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