Kay Sanders On Systems and Strategies

Jun 23, 2017

Kay Sanders On Systems and Strategies

Kay Sanders On Systems and Strategies

Kay Sanders


Kay Sanders is a nationally recognized business coach, consultant and bestselling author. She draws from her own experiences and struggles in life and business to inspire others and make a difference in their lives.

Kay Sanders specializes in helping coaches, consultants and other service professionals to grow their business with the right systems and strategies to put their sales and regeneration on autopilot so they can turn their passion into profitable and successful business’. This includes online marketing, lead generation, customer acquisition and business management strategies.

Kay Sanders not only helps people make sense of all those different resources, tools and strategies, but really helps them choose and implement the right strategies for their business needs.

Kay Sanders has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and other great media outlets, and she really believes that everyone not only deserves, but has the ability to live a fulfilling life full of success and achievement.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Why are systems so important?
  • How do you know what types of systems or resources are right for you, and where do you start?
  • Does a person’s services, products, business, or audience play a factor?
  • Do you step through the whole process with people?
  • Do you work with people on what their lead magnet could be and how to put that together?
  • As entrepreneurs, are there any bad habits that we get into, or tips on planning our day that could help us out?

Key Lessons Learned From Kay Sanders:


  • Having the proper systems in place will help you leverage and manage your time more effectively and allow you to upscale your business.
  • Knowing the final outcome you are looking for is a great way to figure out where and how to start, and what strategies will work best to achieve your goals.
  • Planning ahead and writing down what you want to achieve are good ways to manage your time effectively, stay on course, and internalize those goals.
  • Every entrepreneur should have a morning routine that helps them focus and prepare for the day ahead.
  • Negative thoughts and self talk have no benefit and will always hold you back.
  • Everyone should have a coach or mentor. They give you an outside perspective and help keep you in check if you start falling off point.
  • Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle and you have to live that lifestyle to really understand it. Therefore it is ineffective to get advice from someone who doesn’t understand what it is to be an entrepreneur.


  • Try out a maximum of 3 strategies at a time and figure out what you enjoy most, and works best for you. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy or it may come across inauthentic and not yield the results you’re looking for.
  • Continuously test, tweak, and improve the strategies you are using.
  • If there is an aspect of the business that you are not comfortable or particularly skilled with, you can look into outsourcing it to someone who is.
  • Study your customer base to find out where and how your audience prefers to consume and digest information, as well as what they are seeking so you can have the most impact when trying to reach them.
  • Giving away free quality content is a great way to get potential customer’s information and grant you the opportunity to turn them into paying customers.
  • When tweaking your content only change one thing at a time so you can keep track of what changes have the most positive impact.

Kay Sanders’ Final Tips

  • Begin with the end in mind. If you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish it’s easier to figure out what steps to take to get there.
  • Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle. Eat, sleep and breathe your business.
  • Having a coach is invaluable. They will help keep you on track to achieving your goals.
  • Seek first to understand your customers. When you understand what they are looking for it’s much easier to give it to them.

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