Kelly Roach on How to Grow Your Business Rapidly

Feb 24, 2017

How to Grow Your Business Rapidly with Kelly Roach

How to Grow Your Business Rapidly with Kelly Roach


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How to Grow Your Business Rapidly with Kelly Roach


Kelly Roach is the host of the popular podcast Unstoppable Success Radio, she is an international best selling author, and the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching. As a former NFL cheerleader and Fortune 500 executive, Kelly brings a powerful combination of proven and profitable business growth strategies to entrepreneurs around the world.


  • Tell us about your new book.
  • What areas do entrepreneurs typically fail at when they are trying to improve?
  • How do you deal with someone’s objections to selling?
  • What do you mean by “leave money on the table”?
  • What is the difference between active and passive income and why do we need both?
  • How do you help your clients in your coaching business?



  • Doing things you love and remembering your why is the key to making it for the long haul.
  • Information overwhelm is very common among entrepreneurs today.
  • Remember what you want your life to look like. Don’t sacrifice your life, relationships, or family to build something you won’t be happy with. Business and life are intertwined.
  • You are in control, stop being busy and choose what you want. Your work will expand to the time you allot to it.
  • Taking a step back and taking time for yourself will help make you more focused, not less.


  • All entrepreneurs are in the sales business. Your number one goal when starting a business is to learn marketing and sales, either yourself or someone else.
  • Selling is about serving people.
  • This is the best time to build a business if you don’t consider yourself a sales person. Sales has moved from selling to serving, buying habits have changed. Technology has made it easier to get people to know, like, and trust you.
  • Authenticity has become more important than a formal image.
  • Livestreaming is the newest, easiest way to connect directly with your audience today. Showing up every week is attraction marketing.
  • Most entrepreneurs are undercharging by about 50%. Charge what you’re worth, it will make everything in your business easier.
  • Increase your rates at least once a year, it gets people off the fence.
  • Every couple of months you should reassess your productivity to make sure your time is well spent.


  • To have a freedom/lifestyle based business you need to have passive income, income that doesn’t need your direct time.
  • You should figure out how to transform the work you are doing into something you can deliver without you having to be there.
  • Start early and build your passive income over time.
  • Set a small, achievable goal ex. an extra $100 a month.
  • Understand what stage your customer is at and what they’ll need next, that’s what you should be able to give them. Your offerings should be accessible to many different income levels.
  • “How can you do this work once and get paid over and over again?”

Final Tips

  • Sales is serving, serve one to many.
  • If you’re just getting started, learn sales and marketing first.
  • You need to build passive income if you want to have the lifestyle you desire.
  • Don’t be afraid to raise your rates!

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