Podcast Leverage System - 4 Steps To Creating Consistent Authority Boosting Content With Less Overwhelm

You launch, produce, and promote your podcast- but are you leveraging it to maximize results?

Are you new to the podcasting game and want to make sure you are starting off with the right strategies?

Or have you been producing and promoting for some time but still struggle with growing your audience, gaining authority and consistently producing engaging content that converts?

Perhaps you see your peers are ‘everywhere’ and you wonder – what am I doing that they aren’t?

Or maybe you are having a hard time getting consistent with publishing authority-boosting content so that you get more exposure and get noticed?

Here Are the 3 Main Areas I see Podcast Hosts Struggle


You want to get your name out there, get the buzz going and be seen as the go-to expert but don’t know how. It feels like your peers are ‘everywhere’ –  being featured, partnering with others, getting noticed and getting attention.

  • lack visibility and getting noticed
  • missing lead generation opportunities
  • missing speaking and collaboration opportunities
  • wanting more podcast listeners


You are struggling to find ways to nurture the leads you have and move them through your funnel. You need more ways to nurture connections on your social platforms and often don’t have time to create new shareable content.
  • profit leaks (it costs money to bring leads into the funnel, and they aren’t converting)
  • losing more leads than gaining due to opt outs and unengagement
  • email deliverability is plummeting (unengaged list also affects email deliverability)


You are struggling to create more content (no time, feel stuck on what to write/record/create) and so nothing ends up getting created or you are inconsistently visible. You are overwhelmed. 
  • less traffic to your site due to no organic traffic efforts
  • score with Google decreases so they don’t pick your posts to rank and send people
  • loss of credibility (no content, are you in business anymore?)
  • loss of leads on social media platforms – not showing up on newsfeed, no longer top of mind

Instead …

Start Creating Consistent Authority-Boosting Content with Less Overwhelm Using This 4 Step System

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Podcast Leverage System™- 4 Steps To Creating Consistent Authority-Boosting Content With Less Overwhelm

There are 4 steps to creating consistent content that boosts authority, multiply your visibility, nurture your leads and maintain your sanity.  

1 – PUBLISH FOR RESULTS – Publish on your website to reap more benefits.


2 – DISTRIBUTE FOR MAXIMUM EXPOSURE – Distribute it everywhere to nurture current prospects and attract new ones.


3 – RE-PURPOSE FOR HIGHER VISIBILITY – You have to be more savvy to get people to listen, and allow for easy content creation.


4 – MULTIPLY FOR CONSISTENT CONTENT (& SANITY)- Leverage what you have, dissect it, splice it and use it in different ways to create shareable content with ease

    Let’s Dive Deeper Into The 4 Steps of The Podcast Leverage System

    Podcast Leverage System 2


    Many podcasters use hosting platform ‘podcast pages’, or simply promote the episodes on distribution platforms like iTunes. By doing so you are missing out on opportunities for growth and results. 

    The Podcast Leverage System shows you how create more organic traffic, convert listeners and cross promote your services to increase conversions. 

    Podcast Leverage System 3


    You can’t rely on iTunes alone to ensure your podcast is heard. You need to distribute it everywhere to nurture current prospects and attract new ones, plus learn how to use the power of collaboration to extend your reach even further.

    This system ensures you are publishing on your site (and optimize conversions), publishing in other platforms, nurturing your leads and gaining more visibility.

    Podcast Leverage System 4


    Gone are the days when you can share that a new podcast went live and folks jumped at the chance to listen. You have to be more savvy to get people to listen PLUS use strategies to use the content in other ways, on other channels for higher visibility and content creation ideas. 

    The Podcast Leverage System shows you how to implement creative ways to repurpose your content with ease. 

    Podcast Leverage System 5


    Stop wracking your brain to figure out what to post week to week and falling short on consistent posting.

    The 4th step in this system shows you how to leverage what you have, dissect it, splice it and use it in different ways to create shareable content with ease.  Bonus? It makes you and your podcast guests look like the expert!

    Podcast Leverage System


    4 Steps To Creating Consistent Authority Boosting Content With Less Overwhelm

    Here’s What Louise Said After Conducting a Podcast Leverage Audit and Working Through the Steps

    Want Support In Applying the Podcast Leverage System For YOUR Podcast?

    We are content marketing experts first and foremost, so we integrate these principles into our podcast services! A podcast doesn’t stand alone, it should be weaved into your full content marketing plan so you can leverage it fully and ALL your marketing is working towards the same goal.

    With a FULL TEAM of experts at your fingertips (we have editors, designers, writers, project managers…) and won’t need to hire multiple contractors OR project manage all the moving pieces yourself. Imagine the peace of mind, time and money you’ll save!

    We free up your time to work in your genius zone and serve your clients at a higher level.

    We use proven systems and procedures so that nothing slips through the cracks, and your podcasting is a well-oiled machine that is efficient and professional!

    Book a call to see how we can help you leverage the power of podcasting for more visibility, authority with less stress and overwhelm!