Lisa Mallis on Time Management and Getting Things Done

Feb 10, 2017

Lisa Mallis on Time Management and Getting Things Done

Lisa Mallis on Time Management and Getting Things Done


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Time Management Tips from Lisa Mallis


In this week’s episode of the Sailing to Success Podcast Show, Lyndsay Phillips interviews Lisa Mallis. Lisa is a certified coach, author, and speaker that works with busy entrepreneurs that are over committed. For over 15 years Lisa Mallis has offered solutions to help business owners do more in less time without going nuts.


  • Is being over committed the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs?
  • What stands in our way of getting more done in less time?
  • How do distractions and procrastination factor into overcommitment?
  • What do you teach in regards to delegating?
  • What are some parting thoughts you can give the listeners?


Being Over-committed

  • Entrepreneurs often believe they can do everything and tend to want to say yes, especially women.
  • Figure out what is most important to you and take a look at your calendar. What big yes does that activity lead back to. Make it visual if you have to.
  • Will something be more painful to keep doing it rather than just stopping?
  • Don’t be afraid to take back your time and end the commitments that aren’t serving you. Start working towards your transition early if you need to.
  • When you say yes to something you are saying no to something else.

Getting More Done

  • “If you need an answer now, the answer is no”.
  • Does this activity serve your big goals or is it just serving the other person’s big goals.
  • Balance typically implies 50/50, which may not be right for you. What your version of success is is the balance you should try to achieve.
  • Your body and your mind will give you hints when you’re doing what you need to or not.
  • Procrastination may come from the activity not lining up with your values or the task seems overwhelming. Clearly define the tasks and break them down into smaller tasks.
  • If a solution requires a lot of discipline it’s probably the wrong one.


  • You going only get so far in your business on your own.
  • To serve your clients the best you have to stay in your zone of genius.
  • Once you know what the outcome looks like it’s much easier to see who can do the job.
  • Set the expectations and clearly articulate the task before hand. Don’t expect someone to read your mind.
  • Check in regularly to make sure everyone you delegate tasks to is on the same page.

Final Tips

  • Schedule time to think about what your bigger picture actually looks like.
  • Take stock of what you have achieved already and look at where your current path is taking you.
  • Stop saying yes to everything, get comfortable with no.
  • You have limited resources, build a team and start delegating.

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