Podcast Marketing – 12 Ways To Promote Your Show

Jun 7, 2016

How to let everyone know you have a Podcast Show with podcast marketing!

podcast marketingAs you know – podcasting has become a huge marketing tool with many benefits. (of which I discuss in this article). So with all the time and effort put into creating your blogs – you want to make sure you leverage it and share it in as many ways as you can.

First and foremost – you want to make sure people know you HAVE a podcast show (besides just promoting each episode – which I’ll go into in next week’s blog). Seems obvious I know – but a number of steps can often be overlooked.


1. Put it on your website – include a sidebar graphic too! So the recommended way to do this is have another category in your posts section (ie just like a blog). Then, just like your blog page – you’ll have previews of recent posts – and then someone clicks it to review a specific one. Then each episode has it’s own unique url.

podcast marketing

2. Promote your podcast show on social media when you launch it. You may want to include some pre-launch posts. Letting people know – hey I’m about to launch my ‘Sailing To Success Podcast Show’ (for example) to help you learn more about xyz…. If you have cover art – attach that so they can get familiar with the branding for the show. Build some hype around it!

podcast marketing

3. Have an opt-in so that people can subscribe to your e-list to receive weekly emails about the new episodes. Have a call to action on the bottom of each podcast episode – or maybe create a sidebar ‘button’ to subscribe. A great way to increase your leads and e-list!

4. Do a LinkedIn Post about your show. Create an ‘article’ about your show – when it’s coming out – what they can learn. You can do one as a Pre-launch to create a buzz and one again when it goes live. Include your Cover Art too so people get familiar with the branding.

podcast marketing

5. Do direct messages in LinkedIn letting people know about your show. This can be your launch OR pre-launch. A simple – hey I know you are looking for great content about xyz – just wanted to let you know I just launched my new podcast show (include links and what it’s about and what they can learn). Give them a reason to click!

6. Mention it at the end of any videos you do – even put the url up on the video. I call this cross-reference marketing. You want to mention how else folks can find you (or your great content). If you have followers on YouTube – then in your videos mention your podcast show – ie ‘ For those that want to really take their business to the next level – be sure to check out my Sailing To Success Podcast show at SailingToSuccessPodcastShow.com’.

podcast marketing

7. Have a call to action at the end of some blogs to check out your podcast show.Tweet: Have a call to action at the end of some blogs directing to #podcast show. #CrossReference #marketing http://ctt.ec/cm06S+ Again – part of the cross reference marketing. If folks are diving into your blogs and love them – then show them how else they can engage with you.

8. Send an email to your list. Don’t forget your e-list! Be sure to send out some broadcasts letting them know your news – what it’s about – how it will benefit them and how to find the show.

9. Mention it in your ezine. Some people may read the ezines more than the broadcasts – and that’s okay. Be sure to mention it in numerous ezines when launching in case they missed it.

podcast marketing

10. Update your social media platform bio/description/about section to include a link to your podcast show. Always include the link.Tweet: Update your #socialmedia platform to include your #podcast show link - http://ctt.ec/k5Jab+ #biztip

11. Promote it on any printed material you put out there. Do any direct mail or printed newsletters? Be sure to cross reference your other platforms (seeing a pattern here?)

12. Add the podcast show url to your business card.Tweet: Add your podcast show url to your business card. #podcast #tip http://ctt.ec/fK6qU+ Why not? Podcasts are hot and it’s a great reason for folks to click on your podcast page to learn more about you and get some value while they are there.

So there are tons of ways to leverage and do some podcast marketing. Don’t be afraid to be creative!