Using Podcast Networks to Drive Listeners

Nov 6, 2020

It is no secret that podcast networks can increase your visibility within the podcast community and help you reach more listeners. By utilizing the power of podcast marketing, we’ll give you comprehensive advice on how to promote your podcast and utilize podcast networks. Success is the combination of game-winning strategies, so explore them together!

What Are Podcast Networks?

The podcast network’s primary role is to host a group of shows that are connected either by a theme or a genre in order to promote, scale, and monetize them. Podcast networks can help you connect with other podcasters as well as potential sponsors and advertisers. 

Cross-promotion between podcasting associates is very common. In fact, getting a shoutout from another podcaster in your niche can be a lot more effective than any paid marketing campaign. That is because genuine promotion from another host will attract listeners that are already interested in the topics you’re covering.

The network works as an intermediary not only between you and other podcasters but also between you and sponsors that are looking to buy ad space on your shows. This means that podcast networks help you promote your show and also earn some money by selling ad space. 

Once you join a podcast network, your podcast automatically becomes more visible to brands looking for new listeners and ad space. 

To join a podcast network, you would have to meet the following conditions:

  • Have at least 1000 downloads per episode
  • Publish at least one episode per week
  • Have ad revenue around 30%
  • Cross-promote other podcasters 

Naturally, some networks might not look for these requirements and some can ask for more. Since the requirements can vary depending on the network you want to join, make sure to check out each particular network before making a decision. 

Likewise, keep an eye out on the offers each network presents. Think about the percentage of the ad revenue they would take, the creative restrictions they might impose, and other parts of the contract that you would sign. Overall, you need to make sure to find a podcast network that will truly benefit your show and achieve your goals. 

How to Promote Your Podcast?

There are plenty of promotional strategies, so let’s quickly go through the most common ones:

  • Cross-promotion and networking with other podcasters. When you reach out to other creators and get to know them, you can promote each other’s show. 
  • Guest appearances on other shows. You can promote your podcast by appearing as a guest on another platform and providing your insights about relevant topics. The more famous the show, the better. You can hire a podcast marketing agency to get bookings on quality shows or you can try to contact podcast hosts yourself. Just make sure to write a quality pitch. 
  • Getting guests on your podcast. When you interview influential people, ask them for a shoutout. They’ll be happy to promote the  episode, because you’ll both get exposure.
  • Social media marketing. Create content for different types of platforms. Post teasers and snippets on Facebook and Instagram. Quote interesting insights on Twitter and publish more serious articles on LinkedIn. Make sure to schedule your posts at the time when most of your followers are active (which you can track with analytic tools). Paid advertisements can also expand your reach. 
  • Using YouTube for promotion. Although you shouldn’t use YouTube as a primary publisher, you could use it as a promotional tool. Convert your episodes and upload them with your branded image. Make sure to include links to your website and other platforms in the description. You could also create short 2-3 minute promotional videos that highlight the most interesting parts of the show, since they are easier to share. 
  • Asking listeners to share and leave reviews. Calls-to-action at the end of the episode should be authentic. Be honest with your listeners and tell them how much you appreciate their help and support. 

You don’t have to choose only one way to promote your podcast. Try various methods before you find what works best for your audience. Maybe your audience likes your short YouTube snippers and shares them all the time? Then, make some more. 

Tracking the response from your listeners and followers is crucial for improving your marketing efforts. Use analytic tools to see what kind of posts attract the most attention. The time of posting and the platform you choose can also have a huge influence on the reception of your posts. 

If you get overwhelmed by constantly promoting your podcast, you can always hire a podcast PR agency or a social media manager to outsource your marketing efforts. This will allow you to use all your energy to create quality episodes. 

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How Can Podcast Networks Drive Listeners?

A podcast network can help you drive more listeners by giving you exposure. If your podcast is a part of a large network, it will be placed in front of thousands of potential new listeners looking for new similar shows. 

You can also attract new listeners by connecting with other podcasters. Hosts with similar target audiences will be happy to give your show a shoutout for promotion in return. When someone is listening to a show they love, they’re more likely to check out the host’s suggestions. 

Cross-promotion is the foundation of a podcast network. Besides attracting sponsors, that’s what they’re made for. Catching the attention of advertisers is crucial if you want to increase your revenue. Depending on the percentage you would have to share with the podcast network, you could earn a lot more than what you’re making right now. 

Feel free to explore different options, because there are a lot of unique podcast networks out there. Some networks might help you with production if you lack experience in that area. They offer tutorials, training videos, and other coaching methods for new podcasters. 

Make sure to review and carefully read the contracts that podcast networks offer. You foremost need to understand what you’re getting into and what’s expected of you, so you can weigh out the pros and cons of joining a podcast network. Once you find the perfect network for you, try to negotiate the best deal that provides creative freedom, so that your show can grow. 

Other Ways To Promote Your Podcast

If you want to really stand out from the crowd, try these additional promotional strategies:

  • Run giveaways on social media. Set up a giveaway event in which the winner receives something that relates to your brand, perhaps a piece of merchandise. To enter the giveaway, ask people to share your podcast, your profile, or a website.  Since people love to take part in competitions, you will surely catch their attention. 
  • Join a podcast community on Reddit. If you share your ideas and insights within a podcast subreddit, you will increase your visibility and establish your authority. Don’t spam and promote your show by any means necessary. Simply offer genuine insights on certain topics and use your experience to share the stories of your podcasting journey. 
  • Utilize email marketing. An email newsletter is a great way to connect with your listeners. Send personalized emails every time you publish an episode with a few additional interesting insights. Make sure to include links in your email signature, so people can listen to your podcast without having to search for it. 
  • Mention previous episodes in your current ones. Your back catalog can help you introduce new listeners to your previous content. For example, when you mention a certain topic you already covered in previous episodes, add a quick side note that states “check out episode # to hear more about it”. You can include the link to the previous episode in your promo material and email newsletters. 
  • Search engine optimization. We left the top marketing strategy for the end. SEO is very important in terms of podcasting success. You need to optimize your podcast website for search and create relevant content for each episode. In these posts, you should include embedded players, transcriptions, and show notes. Naturally, use relevant keywords for titles, the beginning of the post, and meta descriptions. 

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Although podcast networks can be very beneficial in promoting your podcast, they might not be right for everyone. Each person has different creative needs, and there are so many different strategies to try. If you need a bit of help finding which promotional method would work best for your needs, get in touch with us! With our expertise in the podcast industry, we will create the perfect marketing strategy for your show and grow your audience in no time.