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Oct 16, 2017

phil singleton

Phil Singleton on the Sailing to Success Podcast


Phil Singleton is a self-described “SEO grunt” obsessed with tweaking websites for search engine optimization and functional performance. He is a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant and holds a B.S. in Finance from Fairfield University, as well as an MBA from Thunderbird, The Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phil Singleton is a co-author of the award-winning, Amazon best-seller The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Local Lead Generation and author of the Amazon best-seller How To Hire A Web Designer: And Not Get Burned By Another Agency.

In addition to providing inbound marketing consulting services to companies across the United States, Phil Singleton provides custom SEO-friendly websites under the brand Kansas City Web Design® at and online marketing and search engine optimization services under the brand Kansas City SEO® at

Phil Singleton is an active blogger, and his content has been featured at Duct Tape Marketing, Freshbooks,,,,, and many local Kansas City and Midwest regional print publications and media sites.

Main Questions Asked:

  • How is SEO changing?
  • How should we handle SEO with podcasting?
  • What are some of the big mistakes that people make?

Key Lessons Learned from Phil Singleton:


  • SEO used to be about volume based backlinks and the under the hood stuff. Gaming the system became so mainstream that Google had to change the algorithm to be more punitive but also count more ranking factors.
  • Your website has to be your referral hub and the place where your best content goes. This will naturally benefit your SEO rankings.
  • Google is thinking about SEO in a holistic way.
  • Podcasts should be optimized in the same way as blog posts. Show notes and transcriptions are a good way to increase the on page SEO factors. Asking for a review is another way to get some additional benefits of being a guest on a podcast.
  • Having a review strategy in place is crucial, it can change your business.
  • Third party validation can help with your SEO but it also helps with conversions. Overwhelm your website visitors with a preponderance of evidence as to why they should trust YOU.

Websites And Content Marketing

  • Blogging is the heart and soul of content marketing.
  • Writing blog posts in a series allows you to leverage them in multiple ways including creating an ebook that can be used as a lead magnet, publishing a book on the Kindle marketplace, and more.
  • Once you build your website and content as an asset, you have more searchable content, your trust and authority goes up, and your website is more likely to be at the top of the relevant search results.
  • Break the topic down and tackle it in small pieces.
  • How can you do one thing and then leverage it in many ways.


  • Most people treat their website as a digital brochure.
  • They also post their best stuff on Facebook where it doesn’t help build their authority.
  • Many people look at a website as an expense, rather than an investment.
  • Online sales is about the review economy, social proof is very important.

Final Tips

  • Content marketing is king when it comes to SEO.
  • Start thinking of your SEO efforts in the same way that you do your marketing, holistically and integrated with everything else you are doing.

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