Killer Podcast Plugin

Feb 6, 2017


A podcast plugin that leads to more downloads!

Hi everyone, I’m Lyndsay Phillips of Smooth Sailing Business Growth.

I want to share with you my new, favorite plug in for podcasts, it is Simple Podcast Press.

We started using it for a relatively new client of mine and his podcast downloads have increased dramatically and same with his e-list, which has been fantastic. I have now tagged it on to another client of mine, we’ll see how well that performs for him. Of course I dove in and got the plug-in, it was $67 for the single license (annually). I’m going to share my screen and show it to you …

You can see it right here in one of my podcasts. What it does is, it’s an audio player, yes, you can start listening right then and there. It actually has the title in it which is really cool.

Of course it has the buttons below, you can hear automatically (or listen to it in YouTube or Stitcher), you can download, you can leave a review and so forth. This is all completely customizable in the backend, it is so easy to use. Obviously you can pick whatever it is that you have, but there are some decent options. You can color code it to match your branding, which is really cool. Then, my second favorite feature is that you can have an opt-in right below it. I have “Subscribe to the podcast and receive weekly tips and tricks!”

You can also do an upgrade. Let’s say on every single podcast you want to offer some extra tips or get the full version or a great package of all my best podcasts in an e-book format. Whatever it may be, the options are endless.

Whatever you want the opt-in, you put it in there, you sync it to your forms and your server, your campaign and, voilà! A really great way to get your listeners on your e-list (which can be tricky). Then of course the graphic, my awesome show notes are all below and links and resources and all that good stuff.

That is my tip for today for Simple Podcast Press. I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to analyzing my results over the next couple months and maybe I’ll report back and let you know how it goes.

Until next time, have a profitable and productive week

and may the winds always be at your back. 

killer podcast pluginsClick on the image and get started with your own Simple Podcast Press!