Does Your Podcast Production Incorporate a Strategic Plan?

Jun 29, 2022

Podcast Production

Launching and producing a podcast is more than simply editing audio files, creating images and show notes, and promoting it. There has to be more STRATEGY involved. It has to be strategic, intentional, and be a moving, living part of your overall marketing plan. 

There are certain foundational pieces that need to be created BEFORE you launch a podcast, in order for you to be able to grow your listener base, convert leads, land more clients, and grow your revenue.

Let’s take a look at what you need to consider to be more strategic with your podcast.

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Understand Your Mission, Your Why 

  • know why are you are creating this podcast in the first place
  • what do you want to share with listeners
  • who do you want to help and why


What Are Your Goals For Having A Podcast?

You need to be very clear what your goals are, in order for it to be a driving force in your business. What do you want it to accomplish for you? 

  • networking
  • sales (convert those you interview)
  • boost authority
  • create more exposure for your business
  • lead generation
  • become known as an industry leader
  • create content for your site and social media

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Understand Your Avatar

In order to attract listeners, you need to know who you are talking to, connecting with and speaking to. You can’t attract them if you aren’t speaking their language, speaking to their pain and giving them solutions that serve them. 

And by avatar I mean figuring out what characteristics make up your ‘ideal client’. Some examples are: 

  • are they male/female
  • what age bracket are they (stage in life)
  • what kind of business do they have
  • what issues are they having, where are they stuck
  • where do they hang out (social media)
  • what kind of medium do they absorb – podcasts/ video / reading
  • what topics will resonate and peak their interest
  • what inspires them
  • what solutions / tips are they dying to soak up 


Do You Have a Business Behind The Podcast?

It’s great to have a passion project and want to help more people, don’t get me wrong. A lot of time and effort goes into podcasting so in my perspective it makes more sense to have a business model behind it.

In other words, is there a next step or service that will help serve your audience even more? 

It also helps to up level your authority, heighten credibility – so not only are you a host but run a successful business. Your business also provides an instant community of connections that will help drive listenership for the podcast. 

What is the Listeners Journey?

It’s great to attract listeners, but you also want to make sure that the listener has a journey, in order to help use podcasting to grow your business. 

What do you want them to do next (besides listen to more episodes)?

  • are you filling a Facebook Group
  • do you want leads
  • do you want them simply to rate and review (I mean that’s always good to do)

Ie Don’t simply send them to your website at the end of the episode – give them a next step.

Some podcasters (especially in the nutrition and wellness sphere) sell a TON of products in their podcast. Doing an ‘ad read’ about a product, having a commercial or sharing in the outro or feature it in the episode is a great way to boost revenue.

Feature a next step on the blog post you have for the podcast (use that sidebar space to share various call to actions) or share a resource as a natural next step for them at the bottom of the post.

Use Simple Podcast Press as the audio player to have an opt in to convert the listener. 

How does it fit in to your overall marketing plan

What pieces of the podcast will you leverage?  

  • Will you still write blogs
  • Are you going to do videos
  • Are you growing your YouTube channel
  • Are you doing webinars or challenges
  • Do you have a membership program to fill? 
  • Is the podcast helping drive your business goals – fill a FB Group, fill a membership, provide speaking / collaboration opportunities, sell products, 

You do NOT want the podcast to act as a silo. You want it to work in conjunction with your other marketing to help meet your goals. 

All of these foundational pieces – and understanding the big picture and the goals is what I love the most. And being a Content Marketing Agency first and foremost – helps me be way more strategic for my clients when launching and producing podcasts. I want to know all those pieces so that I’m not simply an editor but a partner in their business. And I hope you’d want the same in your business and podcast. 

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