5 Podcast Promotion Mistakes To Avoid

Jan 3, 2024

Podcast Promotion Mistakes

When used right, your podcast interviews and episodes should give you a ton of juicy content that will help you attract and convert your ideal client.  

It should help give you oodles of consistent content, help you be more visible, showcase your authority, grow your list, build an audience and generate clients.

BUT simply posting that a show is live is NOT enough. You need to be STRATEGIC and CONSISTENT.

Here are 5 common mistakes:


1 – Spray And Pray

Sharing generic content (just to get it out there) for consistency in hopes that people will read, listen and engage, will keep you invisible. 

HOST: Don’t let your host ‘auto publish’ your episode to your social media platforms

GUEST: Don’t rely on the host and simply comment on their posts about the episode (or simply share their post). Control how you are being showcased. 

BOTH: Lead with the problem ‘what’s in it for the reader’ – no more “I was interviewed by this person on this show – take a listen”. 


2 – Relying on Long Form Alone

Unfortunately people don’t have the bandwidth to watch a long masterclass, attend webinars and listen to all podcast episodes, so you need to get their attention with repurposed, short content that is consumable (snackable bites). 

BOTH: Create reels or short video clips that contain great takeaways. *ask the host for the raw video

HOST: Make sure the content is branded and people know it’s from your podcast (podcast brand exposure to attract more listeners)

GUEST: Creating content from the episodes in bite sized pieces will allow you to show that you were a guest expert, featured on a show. *be sure to brand it for you


3 – Lack of Consistency  

Note – consistency will help increase audience engagement, build trust and credibility, establish thought leadership, improve SEO, and build brand recognition. 

BOTH: Create a ton of posts from the episodes, quotes, reels, short videos, carousels, tips. You want a good mix of consumable content – and repurposing what you have makes it easier to stay consistent. 


4 – Lacking Call To Actions 

Your content, when written in a personal and engaging way, with a compelling offer can hook the reader/listener to take the next step. 

BOTH: Share a tip from the episode, but then you can tease what else is in the episode and that you’ll put the link in the first comment for them to be able to dig in further

BOTH: You can use the tips you share to segue into a resource you have and then ‘if you found this helpful, I also have this resource, I’ll put the info below for you’, or put #ACTION in the comments and I’ll DM it to you. You can even use a tool called Stampede Social to automate that for Instagram. I’ll put the info in the show notes. 

stampede tool

BOTH: If you are creating a carousel, the last slide is the perfect spot to share a resource that relates to the content.

5 – Not Creating Reels/Shorts 

Reels and shorts get put in front of audiences that are NOT already following you. It’s a chance to expand your reach with consumable content that speaks to your ideal client. 

HOST: For solo episodes, create as many as you can so that you can use them all month long. 

HOST: Yes you want to use a reel to showcase your guest, but you can also use part of the conversation that has both of you talking. Just make sure the content can ‘stand alone’ by itself and gives value to the listener

GUEST: Ask the host for the raw video. Create a ton (as they are your tips) that showcase your authority and attract your ideal client. Put the podcast art on it, so it shows that you were an in-demand guest and authority. 

To use a fishing analogy that my colleague Jay Fairbrother with Six Figure Masterminds shared with me about fishing for Purple Fish:

If you want to catch the purple fish (that is your perfect client), lots of them, on a consistent basis, then it makes sense to do THIS to fill your boat…

  • fish MORE than just once a week
  • fish in MORE than one pond 
  • fish in the RIGHT ponds that DO stock pink fish  
  • use bait that pink fish love and swim to 
  • use the right kind of fishing rod, boat and equipment 

My point is – you need to be in the right places, consistently, with the right messaging, the right language and the right offer. And you CAN do this by repurposing your podcast episodes and videos to attract and convert all the ‘purple  fish’ you want.  

Want a personalized, high level service to strategically repurpose your videos, podcast episodes (whether a guest or host), to create consistent, authority-boosting and consumable content that showcases your passion, perspective and expertise to attract, engage and convert your ideal clients?

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