Turn Your Podcast Promotion Into Trust Building Conversations That Ignite Sales

Feb 2, 2022

Podcast Promotion

Deb Coman is a content conversion strategist who empowers service-based business owners to create trust-building content that generates sales, referrals, and collaborations. Listen to learn how to create content people want, how to get others involved, and how to make every piece of content you create be as valuable as possible.

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Start With What’s Out There

Before posting her own content Deb has always had the practice of engaging with what was already out there first.

Doing this is actually a very strategic move, as it enables content creators to see what their audience is interested in – and it’s an excellent way to easily build relationships, be engaging, and build trust. 

After that, you can create content based on what you have learned early in the process.

Do This If You Have No Content to Share (Or Even If You Are a Content Creator)

One day, Deb realized that her queue of scheduled posts was coming to an end so she said to herself ‘Let me go out on Twitter and see what people are talking about, what’s interesting, and what I can contribute to.’

In her case, Twitter was the platform of choice but you can do this for any platform that’s relevant to you and your business.

Deb started engaging and, as a result of that, she had people reaching out inviting her to discuss a particular topic in their community or to have her be a featured guest on their Twitter chat or podcast.

She achieved all of that not because others had seen her create something of her own, rather because of the trust that was built by Deb being out there and engaging with others.

Connection, Where the Magic Happens

As Deb explains, some content creators come from a place where the intention isn’t the sale, rather making a meaningful connection.

That connection doesn’t necessarily revolve around what we do – it might have to do with our love of coffee, a love of furry pets, etc. This will eventually lead to questions like ‘What do you do? And how do you help people?’

You shouldn’t step into it thinking ‘How can I sell my next thing by joining this conversation online?’

Content Ideas People Want

According to Deb, we have a tendency of saying to ourselves ‘Oh, I got to post something, I need to get it out there!’

However, if we pause for a moment and look at what’s already out there, we’ll be able to join those conversations – and, when done meaningfully, it will actually lead to content ideas that we know people want.

How to Invite People to Listen to Your Show

If you create content, then you’re probably promoting your latest podcast episode, blog post or video saying something along the lines of ‘here’s my latest podcast episode or blog post’. That isn’t that inviting, unless who you’re trying to reach is a tried and true fan who can’t wait to dive into your content.

That simply has no enticement to click to either listen, read or watch your piece of content.

What you should consider doing is take the angle of really talking about what’s important to ideal audience members and invite them, by using a snippet from an episode. This could be about highlighting a surprise, something humorous, strange or similar.

Avoid This Common Mistake:  Sharing your podcast with ‘here’s my latest podcast episode or blog post’. That isn’t that inviting, unless who you’re trying to reach is a tried and true fan who can’t wait to dive into your content.

Be Human

Sometimes, being human is something that we don’t see as having a high degree of professionalism…despite this, it does build trust and it’s very good for connecting.

And that also translates into always keeping an open dialogue with listeners, watchers, and viewers.

Getting Podcast Guests Involved

If you host an interview-based show, you should remember that good guests also watch their social media feed. This means that posting and tagging them on social media is a good way of making them part of the conversation.

This can help your content get visibility and it’s also an opportunity to talk to your guest’s community beyond the podcast episode itself.

podcast promotion


Sometimes sales and opportunities just flood your way but that isn’t the case for the most part. It’s about creating meaningful connections that last. When it comes to this, your focus should be on nurturing these connections over time.

Pen Pals

Deb’s concept of pen pals applies to posting but can also apply to whenever you’re creating content, like a podcast episode, for example.

The idea here is to talk to only one person at a time, and not to be speaking “from the podium”.

Be conversational, write and speak as if you were addressing a pen pal.

Asking and Loops

‘A’ stands for asking, explains Deb. As content creators, we want to be asking those burning questions our target audience is interested in. The type of questions that makes them stop and think, and that keep them up at night.

The letter L of Deb’s system stands for loop, as in looping our learning back into everything we have created. If you find a question that’s been really talked about on social media, you shouldn’t just let that die in your feed. 

We should pull that question and conversation back into the next piece of content we create.

Unfortunately, this is where many content creators stop. They create and share a piece of content and think ‘Ok, my job here is done. On to the next piece of content!’ They don’t try to learn from what the piece of content is doing, why it’s performing how it is, and how to build more upon it for future content. 

Think about podcast episodes, for instance. They typically have long legs, a long shelf life. When you learn how to really keep that conversation going and are able to bring it back up to the surface as relevant, then you can get even more out of it – even if it was created a long time ago.

About Deb

Deb Coman is a content conversion strategist who empowers service-based business owners to create trust-building content that generates sales, referrals, and collaborations. Deb hosts a weekly Twitter Chat called #SocialTrust Mondays at 3pm ET on Twitter and was featured by BuzzSumo in their Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow Right Now. Deb’s Content Conversion Lab and private services help clients simplify their marketing with actionable steps that create alignment, consistency, and connection.





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