Top 8 Podcast Promotion Tips From Experts

Oct 18, 2022

Podcast Promotion

A lot of work goes into producing a podcast, but the work isn’t done once it goes live! You have to LEVERAGE the heck out of the content to boost visibility, build your authority, grow your listeners, your podcast and biz. 

I’ve interviewed a ton of amazing experts on the Leverage Your Podcast Show and today I want to share some top tips that will help you with your podcast promotion. I even share a few tools that will make it easier! 

Let’s cut to the chase and share my fave podcast promotion tips!

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Why LinkedIn Should Be A Promotion Priority

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Anthony Jones, my latest guest on Leverage Your Podcast Show, shared that out of the 770 million users who leverage LinkedIn every week only 3 million of them post content.

And those 3 million content creators (yes, that’s less than 1%!) get a mind-blowing 9 BILLION views every single week 🤯

As a content creator, you probably already have a library of content you can tap into and, by following Anthony’s advice, you can get more eyeballs on your content, more LinkedIn profile views, and connection requests in less than 30 minutes a day.

Now that I know this, I’m putting LinkedIn at the top of my content channels! 🚀

Anthony Jones – LinkedIn Expert Listen to my interview with Anthony



Make Podcast Content Consumable

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📣 Make your podcast content consumable. 

Hani is so right… 

Promoting a podcast is a long game and posting on social media should be an exercise in branding. Put the links to your show in your profile and keep your content native to the platform.

🎙️🎞️Posting video or audio clips to social platforms is so important. It gives your followers a chance to hear your message and see your brand, and by being present on their feed, they will naturally seek out more from you.

So focus more on the consumable type of content vs links to your site. 

Hani Mourra – Listen to my interview with Hani


Podcast Post CTAs


Using Facebook Ads To Gain New Listeners

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Jason Hunt of Merged Media realized that that many of their new clients discovered his business through the podcast. In fact, they listened to multiple episodes. 

The reason for that is simple: they already know Jason because of the podcast, and have made the decision to work with him because they know, like, and trust him. 

Podcasting speeds up that process. You become a trusted expert FASTER. They get a feel for who you are and what you are like by listening to you consistently. And it’s proven statistically that podcast listeners take action – whether it’s opting in for something, reaching out, connecting or buying. 

This is one of the reasons he puts a budget into doing Facebook Ads to find NEW listeners for his podcast. It just makes good business sense!

Jason Hunt – Facebook Ad Expert Listen to my interview with Jason


Tag & Communicate With Your Guest To Boost Visibility

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It’s important to remember that good guests also watch 👀 their social media feed. 

This means posting and tagging them #️⃣ on social media is a great way of making them part of the conversation.

This can help your content get visibility.  Not only do you get the guest engaged in the conversation, but it’s also an opportunity to talk to your guest’s community beyond the podcast episode itself.

Deb Coman – Content Specialist Listen to my interview with Deb



Repurpose Your Podcast Like Thanksgiving Dinner!

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Treat your podcast episode like a Thanksgiving Dinner? YUP! 🍗

Creating content from your podcast, according to Kate Bradley Chernis (of, should be like Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving 

You have dinner, then there are sandwiches, some soups, etc.. 

You end up eating Turkey all week, and you want to do that with your podcast too – in other words repurposing an episode into various different types of micro-content. 

Different types of posts will attract different people and people need to see the same ‘idea’ in different ways, multiple times for it to ‘stick’ and make an impact. 

This is why we create quote graphics, engagement posts, audiograms, video snippets and more. And honestly – it saves SOOO much time! 

Kate Bradley Chernis – CEO of Listen to my interview with Kate


Using Tools To Automate & Make Promotion Easier

Pod Toolbox

It is so crucial that you spend a good part of your bandwidth on marketing and automation for your podcast show.  It’s how you interact with your audience, grow your audience, gain more visibility, boost authority and let’s face it – get more leads! 

Want to know what I have in MY toolbox? 







And so many more. They all make what we do so much easier.

So…what are you using that’s helping to simplify your process? Care to share?

Lyndsay Phillips (yours truly) Listen to my episode where I share my favorite tools!


Promoting Your Podcast On Pinterest

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Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media recommends using Idea Pins in Pinterest to elicit interest in your podcast. 

Idea Pins make it easy for creators to publish high quality, long lasting, save-able content directly to Pinterest. Pinterest created to to highlight the people behind the content and encourage Pinners to follow creators and engage with the ideas they find.

Idea Pin creation now includes:

  • Video recording and editing for up to 20 pages of content
  • Voice over recording so creators can add their own personal voice
  • Detail pages for instructions or ingredients
  • Interactive elements like people tagging and stickers
  • Export options to share content beyond Pinterest
  • Topic tagging, a publishing feature that helps connect content to relevant interests

Think of it as a string of tips, ideas, steps or how to’s. It can be images or video. 

Then at the end – listen to the whole episode (and click to it). 

Kate Ahl – Pinterest Expert Listen to my chat with Kate


Creating Honey Traps To Create Curiosity (& More Listens)

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⚠️This post is not going to share information about how to rank on iTunes.

⚠️ It’s not going to speak to monetization.

⚠️ It’s also not going to give you a break down about podcast ads…

‘So what IS it going to cover, Lyndsay’???? 👇👇

The ‘Rebel’ – a model of The Content Honey Trap, that Deirdre Tshien of Capsho shares on the Leverage Your Podcast Show. 

What does it do? Create curiosity to make folks want to click and listen.

Writing content this way creates curiosity so that people wonder WHAT is next, what does that content cover, how will it help me? 

Are you going to use this trick in YOUR next piece of content? 🙌

Deirdre Tshien – Founder of Capsho Listen to my chat with Deirdre

Podcast Post CTAs 1

I hope you gleaned at least ONE podcast promotion tip that you’ll implement today for your podcast! If you are struggling to promote your podcast consistently in a way that will get you more leads, more listeners and boost visibility, I have a Podcast Leverage System that will help you do just that. And if you want to outsource it, take it off your plate so you can focus on recording your podcast and building your biz then check out our promo services

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