Sally Hendrick on Social Media Traffic Insights

Sep 30, 2016

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Social Media Traffic Insight


In this week’s episode of the Sailing to Success Podcast Show, Lyndsay Phillips interviews Sally Hendrick. Sally Hendrick is the founder of Social Media Traffic School. She teaches entrepreneurs how to set up marketing funnels, web pages, find the right target market and much more.


  • What do you feel that online entrepreneurs are struggling with most?
  • What are your favourite platforms and software to use in your school and teach?
  • What is a sales funnel?
  • What are your most popular courses?
  • What do you see in the future?



  • There are huge number of tools available which often causes overwhelm.
  • Mailchimp is a great way to get started with email marketing. ConvertKit is a good upgrade once you get more experienced.
  • Mind mapping and project management tools are essential for organizing your business.
  • Sometimes half the work is organizing your client.
  • Statistics can help you understand what’s working and what isn’t but they aren’t useful for everyone.
  • Zippy Courses is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build courses right onto your website
  • Zapier is a useful that allows you to connect your various apps together and automate some of your more repetitive tasks.
  • HootSuite is a good tool for managing your social media content.
  • Sometimes your systems and tools don’t work, just keep trying and keep moving.

Sales Funnels

  • A sales funnel isn’t very useful without understanding exactly who your target market is.
  • Your content should be tailored specifically to the people you are trying to attract.
  • Every step a person takes in your business is another step in your sales funnel.
  • Start by delivering something well and then add in the social media marketing afterwards.

Social Media

  • Posting on social media is like micro blogging.
  • People get frustrated with their lack of results because they don’t have an established strategy.
  • You should give value first, the sales come later.

Final Tips

  • Start with the free and cheap options first. Many people buy the expensive apps before they really need them.
  • Don’t let the number of tools available overwhelm you, start with one that does what you need.
  • Give value first.

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