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What You Need To Take Advantage Of This Growing Lead Generation & Authority Building Strategy

Being a guest expert on other people’s podcasts is, bar-none, my FAVORITE lead generation strategy and authority builder. Oh – and it increases your visibility. Clearly it gives you so much bang for your buck!

Let me explain how….

  1. You instantly extend your circle of influence, tapping into other people’s audiences. 
  2. You meet and network with new podcast hosts, creating new personal connections and building more relationships and networks along the way. 
  3. It provides you with content for your website to create organic traffic and boost your Google rankings.
  4. Your build your credibility as listeners view you as THE Go-To Expert in your industry. 
  5. You have an engaged audience listening to your message – over 50% of listeners listen to the WHOLE episode!
  6. It take less time and cost than blogging (no writers, no wondering what to write next).
  7. It’s content made easy that you can leverage and use in so many ways – that’s right – you can re-use and recycle it. (I’ll share more below). 
  8. Think of the bragging rights when you land a guest spot on coveted podcasts.
  9. Opens the doors for new opportunities like guesting on high end podcasts, virtual summits, speaking at conferences and other joint venture gigs. 
  10. And we can’t forget MORE LEADS. You get to share your lead magnet and pull people into your funnel to nurture and convert. (And lead acquisition is WAY less expensive than Facebook Ads)
  11. And what does more leads mean? You guessed it, more sales! 

I’m sure I can think of more – but 11, right off the top of my head – um hello? Let’s get you podcast guesting! 










What You Need To Start Podcast Guesting

  • Well written bio
  • Well written  interview topics and questions – afterall – you want to attract more hosts to book you!
  • Designed One Sheet
  • Press Page that showcases your one sheet, head shot, bio, interview topics, and examples of shows that you’ve been on
  • Process for connecting and building relationships with the host
  • Strategy and solid call to action to leverage the episode to increase your audience, lead generation and sales 
  • A tracking method to analyze which types of shows are getting you the best ROI
  • Promotion strategy to create more organic traffic, boost credibility & authority and lead generation
  • Leverage strategy to get more use out of that content for social, nurturing your list and more

Some are HAVE TO HAVE and some are nice to have but I wanted to give you the full picture. Next I’ll share why these pieces are important. 

Why Are These Elements Are Important

Well written bio – Your bio is read by the host when deciding whether to have you on the show, is included in the show notes of the episodes and is the ‘Cole’s Notes’ for the host (and listeners) to learn about you and how you can help them best. Think of it as a long business card. It has to pack a lot of punch in a short amount of words. I like to create both a long and short bio for various scenarios. You want to focus on your credibility. What you’ve accomplished – are you a speaker, CEO, serial entrepreneur, award winner, author, been featured on Fortune 500 or NBC etc, coach to thousands…. You get the picture. Don’t make the mistake of sharing your dreams, what you do in your spare time or a long list of your education. It’s boring and well, it won’t ‘wow’ the host or listener. 

Interview Topics & Questions – This is crucial. Podcast hosts are busy, just like you and I. They want to quickly envision the interview to see if it’s a fit for their show and serves their audience. You want to make it easy for the host to decide if you are a fit. I know when I get a pitch and it’s vague and I can’t ‘picture’ or imagine what the interview would even be about – I quickly lose interest. Who has time to research the guest, what they do, and figure out what the episode would be about? No one! You want the topic to be sexy, an ‘ooh I want to know that’ wow factor. A vague topic like ‘I’ll share tips on Facebook marketing’ is not hot.  ‘5 strategies to increase your Facebook Engagement by 40%’ is a much more specific and appealing topic. See the difference? And providing questions, again, gives the host direction, makes it easier for them, and guides the conversation to help you ‘sell from the stage’ and showcase your expertise. 

Designed One Sheet – This is a one page (just front, or front and back) that shares your bio, your social links, your credibility, your accolades, your interview topics and questions. Again – clicking on a link that shares the one sheet makes it super easy for the host – and is easy for you to share!

Press Page – This is a ‘nice to have’. An easy link to share that has your image, your bio, interview questions and links to your head shots, your one sheet and social links. A one stop shop page. It’s easy to share when applying or pitching to be on a show and share all those moving parts. Plus you can leverage that page to share stages and shows you’ve been on, including testimonials and reviews from listeners and show hosts. 

Process of Building Relationship With Host – Don’t make the mistake of guesting on the show and then disappearing. Leverage that relationship. You can create a process or checklist that ensures you are connected on social media, are engaged in their content, research their content, thank them after the show is recorded, create social posts that lead up to the interview (share you are excited to record that episode today for example – and tag them), have a conversation in the green room, share other potential guests and be a connector – the list goes on. 

Plan To Increase Lead Generation – Don’t make the mistake of simply sharing your website during the episode. You want to give the listener a solid reason to head to any site you share, but a lead magnet is the best approach. It’s best if it ‘fits’ the topic of the interview as it’s naturally the ‘next step’. Plus on a lead magnet page they only have ONE action to take – opt in, versus getting distracted on a website then clicking ‘out’ and not opting in to your list. Plus you want to ensure the lead magnet is a part of your ascension ladder and leads them naturally to something you sell so that it leads to sales. You want to leverage all opportunities to grow your list but also convert. 

Tracking – I spoke at Podfest Global about this very topic. You want to track what shows you’ve pitched, what shows you have been booked on so that you can follow up and don’t miss any opportunities. And once you are booked on the show, which shows have gone live. It’s amazing how many hosts forget or don’t share that information with the guest and the episode gets lost in a black hole and you miss the chance to leverage the episode. And next, you want to track which shows are bringing you the most ROI.  

Promotion Strategy – You want to leverage this episode like crazy! Don’t make the mistake of doing one social post that leads to the hosts page – you miss the boat on organic traffic, content, credibility and exposure. First post it on your website – that content is gold – use it! Next, share it everywhere – LinkedIn Article, all social media platforms, your e-list, and do more than one post. This content is evergreen, you can share again 3 months from now. And don’t forget to tag the host – they will love you for it and it extends your reach so their audience sees it too. 

Leverage Strategy – You can get way more use out of the podcast episode than simply sharing your post. Think of all the golden nuggets you share on the episode! You can recycle the topic and create videos on the tips you share or go live talking about the episode and what you talk about and then share the link to your post. You can get transcripts and re-jig it to be a blog post too. Or break it into chunks and share tips on social media or to your e-list. Create IG and FB stories sharing tips. Create quotes and memes to share on social. So many ways to leverage that content. 

I’m sharing all my best tips on where to start when you want to guest on podcasts and become a sought-after guest expert, and strategies that you’ll need along the way to inform you, not overwhelm you. 

You may be thinking – Lyndsay – but HOW do I get all this done? 

  • I barely have time to work in my business let alone get these pieces together.  
  • I don’t have a team that are experts at content marketing and podcasting.
  • I don’t know any trusted designers or writers.
  • Leveraging podcast episodes, with more images, writing, scheduling? I’m strapped for time.
  • I don’t want to ‘wing it’ on my own – I’d rather have support from a team that knows the strategies.

Rest easy, we handle all aspects of Podcast Guesting. Simply pitch, get booked and let us do the rest! 

Podcast Guesting Services Can Include…

Podcast Guest Set Up

  • Optimize your bio
  • Optimize your interview topics and questions
  • Create a well designed One Sheet
  • Create a press page


  • Creating your podcast guesting lead generation strategy
  • Relationship Building Process
  • Leverage strategy that fits into your overall content marketing strategy

Tracking & Promotion

  • Tracking
  • Publishing [on your site]
  • Promotion – [content creation and distribution]
  • Leverage – [content creation and distribution]

*All packages are custom built 

Have your shoulders dropped already? 

Perfect – simply click the button below to book a FREE 20 Minute Consultation. I’ll ask you questions to find out what elements you have in place so far, what support, team, and processes you have in place already, and how we can track, publish, promote, and leverage your podcast guesting. 


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