Podcast Promotion

You’ve got a podcast ready to launch, or maybe you are already producing a podcast…either way the whole point is – you want to promote your podcast and share it with the world, extend your reach and get more listeners! Plus you want to attract your ideal client faster AND convert them to paying clients.

How will podcast promotion help grow your business?

  1. Helps you connect with your audience.
  2. Generates attention and interest in a topic related to your business.
  3. Builds your platform and gets your message out.
  4. Creates content in a way that’s fun and easy to digest.
  5. Boosts your SEO when promoted on social media and other avenues.
  6. Broadens your exposure and reach as people (and your guests)  download and share.
  7. Grows your network and builds your relationships.
  8. Increases referrals.
  9. Increase your connections and benefit others.

So with all the benefits of podcast promotion in mind – and with all of the work that you put into your show – we will show you how to broaden your podcast audience which can lead to attracting more customers!

Let me start by saying that you need to have a post on your site that shares each podcast episode. That’s the page you’ll be promoting. *See Podcast Product Services about producing and publishing your podcast

Here are ways you can promote your podcast!

Social Media

Create and schedule social media posts for each episode. Focus on what the podcast listeners will learn, how they will benefit if they listen vs the guest and their credentials. That’s what’s going to make the potential customer click and listen. Don’t be afraid to use quotes from the podcast episode to capture attention. Plus if you have a guest – tag them so that your post is seen by their audience, extending your reach and visibility. 

LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn Article Posts are a great podcast promotion tool. Create a weekly post with a link to the podcast episode that goes live each week. Include the graphic, the show notes, and link to listen or link to your podcast post. 

You Tube

Upload the audio to YouTube – seems strange but it’s taking off! In a nutshell, it merges the audio file to your podcast graphic and creates a video file to put on YouTube. In fact, Libsyn (for audio hosting) pushes your podcast episodes directly onto YouTube. 


Take advantage of your email list and share the new episode with them! It serves 2 purposes. One, it nurtures your audience and serves them, it creates more downloads and pulls them into the funnel. 


Post the video version of your podcast episode in IGTV. It capitalizes on another platform’s audience and people can binge-watch/listen to more episodes and see other videos there. There are some apps that make formatting your video into IGTV easier, like https://www.headliner.app/  Hint – if you turn live Facebook videos into podcasts Repurpose.io is the best app for podcast promotion! 

Share with the podcast guest

If you have an interview-style podcast, you’ll want to make sure your guest knows when the podcast goes live. Give them the graphic, your webpage, heck, you can even give them social and email copy to make sure it’s easy for them to share the episode! This will extend your reach and increase leads dramatically. 

Further Podcast Promotion Tips?

Who says you have to create a blog and a video and a podcast – you can use your podcast as your PILLAR piece of content and leverage the heck out of it. YES – re-use and re-cycle in multiple ways. Let me share how podcast promotion will work if you choose to go down that road.

I mean, yes, you CAN totally recycle the podcast topic and create a blog about it too, or a video that eliminates struggling to come up with topics week to week. BUT you can also use the podcast content and dissect it to quickly make NEW shareable content. 

Imagine not having to think up new topics, create videos or blogs every week! I think I just saw your shoulders drop! 

Audio Snippets

You can promote your podcast by making short videos. Simply use an image and audio clip from the podcast, and share them. They are very interactive and capture attention. Wavve.co is a great company that helps you create those easily. In fact – I did a video on the tool – check it out! Another great one is https://www.headliner.app/

It’s an interactive podcast promotion technique that consists of sharing short quotes and tips from the podcast. It grabs attention, showcases your expertise and advertises your podcast, attracting new listeners. Win-win!

Stand Alone Tip

You can share tips gleaned from the podcast, shorten the copy and create a social media graphic that is suitable for podcast promotion. Easy!

share a tip

Quote Graphics

Pull quotes from your podcast (transcripts may make this easier) to create social graphics. I call these snackable bites. They are little quick tips that are easy to like/comment and share and as such are a very handy podcast promotion vehicle.

pitch tip

Engagement Posts

You can also think of a ton of questions to ask the audience that relates to the content shared in the episode. This spurs more interaction in your social feed and engages the audience.

engagement question

Resize For IG & FB Stories

Don’t forget you can promote your podcast by leveraging these engagement posts and quotes for stories. Simply reformat in Canva (for example) and voila.


You can even create an infographic from the tips shared in an episode!

We help our podcast clients do ALL of these steps to promote their podcast, increase visibility, and leads!

Does podcast promotion sound like it has a lot of moving parts to coordinate, create, and schedule? It can do! Here are some reasons you may be thinking of outsourcing your podcast promotion.

  • You’d rather focus on revenue-generating tasks.
  • You’d rather focus on your passion (your coaching/practice/clients etc.)
  • It makes more financial sense to hire someone to set up and coordinate this for you, while you make more profits doing what you do best.
  • You don’t want to take the time to figure out some of these elements.
  • You don’t like the technical elements.
  • You don’t have any support staff or someone on your team that you feel can take this on.
  • You want experts handling the promotion so it’s done right.
  • You want less stress and peace of mind it’s just ‘taken care of’.

Our podcast promotion packages are custom built for each client and costs depend on how many promotion strategies we plan and implement and how many episodes are produced and promoted each month.

So Let’s Get You Started, So You Can Take Advantage Of
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