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Looking To Build Your Authority Platform And Visibility Through Podcasting?

With over 3 million podcasts active shows and over 21 million episodes and 66% of them are created in the USA, so as you can imagine, podcasting continues to be on the rise as a highly effective content marketing strategy.

It’s hard to ignore the power of podcasting, an audio ‘show’ that has permeated the online space, gyms, cars, iPhones, tablets, everywhere! In fact, here are some interesting facts about podcasts.

  • Z64% of Americans have heard of podcasts (honestly I bet it’s higher than that!)
  • Z44% of Americans have listened to a podcast at some point
  • Z26% of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly and consistent basis.
  • ZIn 2018, 6 million MORE Americans listened than in 2017 – so clearly is gaining MORE traction. Some say it’s more popular than American Football!!! Wow!
  • Z23% listen in their car
  • Z49% listen in their home
  • Z18% listen via their smart speakers

Have I got your attention yet? So WHY do folks love podcasts so much?

Why Podcasting Is So Hot

Podcasts are portable and you can listen on the go – in the gym, for a walk, in the car, while baking. You can listen to a podcast while doing other activities. The same can’t be said for watching videos or reading blogs.

 When listening to a podcast, they feel a closer connection to the host and guest. The audience feels like they are part of the conversation, or are being spoken to directly. It is an audio format that feels more intimate and personal.

The audience gets a huge amount of value in a short amount of time. Yes, some podcasts are an hour, but many are in the 30-minute range, and my previous podcast even shorter at 15 minutes (Smooth Business Growth Podcast – 15 Minutes To Move The Needle In Your Business). You can search for episodes on specific topics that pertain to you and get some amazing strategies, tips, and find experts in areas that pertain to you.

Many podcasts share stories, people’s journeys, and overcoming hardships. This is very powerful. Listeners can relate, feel connected, and not so alone in what they are going through with their given situation.

What other content marketing strategy allows you to:

  1. Create content for your site #organictraffic
  2. Showcase YOU as the expert
  3. Build connections and relationships with listeners
  4. Grow your E-list
  5. Open more doors to be on other shows
  6. Have more opportunities to speak on stage, summits and virtual events
  7. Build your authority platform
  8. Increase your visibility exponentially
  9. Create content for social media (and leverage it further)

But I’m not gonna lie – it’s a lot of work! And it is work you might want to outsource to a content marketing agency providing podcast services.

Between creating, recording, producing, publishing, promoting, leveraging and optimizing all lead generating opportunities, there are a TON of moving parts. So why not contract to an expert that knows Podcasting and has built in systems as part of the podcast services they offer to get it all done efficiently?

    • ZAvoid wasted time and money
    • ZAvoid being stuck and instead leverage your podcast for more visibility – be seen everywhere!
    • ZGrow your authority FASTER
    • ZLeverage call to actions so that you can increase your leads and convert more in your sales funnel.
    • ZLeverage your podcast further so you aren’t having to create MORE content week after week.

    Some of you may be thinking… 

    It’ll cost too much  If you hire an editor, a designer, a VA, and a project manager, imagine how much the expense would add up (let alone the time to manage them all!)  Try this exercise. Think about your hourly worth. (take your yearly revenue and the time you spend on your business week). Divide the revenue by the # of hours you work in a year. If it’s worth $200 / hr but you are spending your time editing podcasts, creating social media etc – if you spent a quarter of that amount imagine how much more money you’d make each year! 

    Why can’t I just do it myself? Think about the amount of time  & effort to launch a podcast, or produce, edit, publish, create content, schedule, SEO the posts, and so forth. Now imagine having that taken off your plate thanks to our podcast services. 

    Plus think of the mistakes you could avoid by using podcast services like ours – not having show notes, images half hazard and not branded, using a LIbsyn link instead of publishing your podcast on your website (ie more web traffic and more conversions), not enough call to actions, not sharing it enough or in the right places, not showcasing it or leveraging it enough and spending more time creating NEW content. 

       Use our podcast services to ease that burden, optimize and leverage your podcasting to maximize results. 

    We are content marketing experts first and foremost, so we will integrate our podcast services into the big picture! A podcast doesn’t stand alone, it should be weaved into your full content marketing plan so you can leverage it fully – and ALL your marketing is working towards the same goal.

    Our podcast services allow you to take action FASTER – launch, produce, promote so that you can increase visibility and grow your authority, and leads FASTER. 

    You have a FULL TEAM of experts at your fingertips (editors, designers, writers, project managers…) and you don’t have to hire multiple contractors NOR project manage all the moving pieces. Imagine the peace of mind!

    Our podcast services free up your time to work in your genius zone and serve your clients at a higher level. 

    We deliver our podcast services using proven systems and procedures so that nothing slips through the cracks, your podcasting is a well-oiled machine that is efficient and professional! 

    Discover 2 ways we can leverage your podcasting to maximize results. 

    Podcast Leverage LM Product Image
    Podcast Leverage LM Product Image

    Or cut to the chase and hop on the phone with me to see how we can help you get better results from podcasting.