The Secret To Podcast Show Notes That Boost Your ROI

Jun 14, 2023

Podcast Show Notes

If you are NOT publishing your podcast episodes on your website, or publishing the episodes you guest on, you are short-changing your podcasting ROI and missing out on multiple opportunities to leverage your podcast and convert leads. In this episode, I share the cardinal rule of podcasting in my Podcast Leverage System – Publishing For Results & using podcast show notes. I’ll share why, what styles you can create and what to include.

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Why do you need show notes? 

User Experience – It makes it easier to skim and see what is included in the podcast episode. We can skim the notes and simply read the nuggets that interests us. It also entices the user to listen to the episode (or watch if you have YouTube video embedded on the page). 

Encourage Listener Engagement – If they see a topic in your notes that peaks their interest (or a specific time stamp), they are more likely going to click, download and listen. 

Visual Appeal – There’s nothing worse than an empty page. Sure you may have the image and a tiny blurb – but then there is all this dead space. To me – what’s the point? Why have a page that has barely anything on it. 

Conversion Opportunities – The more information you put on the page, the more opportunities you have to pepper the page with graphics and call to actions. Get people to sign up for tools that you use (especially if you are an affiliate). Share your lead magnets or products or services. 

Boosts Authority – When the podcast is about you and your expertise it gives you the chance to expand on your knowledge and showcase your authority on the topic. They are more likely to see you as the go-to expert. 

Repurpose Content – When you have show notes, it’s easier to create social media posts, quotes and consumable micro content. 

Search Engine Optimization – If you have meaty show notes, it gives you the chance to SEO the post and rank for a specific keyword. Search engines can crawl and index, so your podcast shows up in relevant searches. But you have to do your research (and it’s okay to change the title of the post. If it doesn’t match the exact podcast graphic / episode title – that’s okay) and use a keyword that is being searched for (but not too competitive). 

Organic Traffic To Your Site – by publishing your episodes (guest or hosted) on your site as ‘blog posts’, using show notes, you are able to push traffic to your site from your emails, social media etc. You always want to point traffic to your  main hub, where people can get on your e-list, check out your products/services and expertise. You have more chance of generating sales calls and clients this way.


Show Note Styles

  • Please don’t use transcripts – they are hard to read (as it’s speech – we speak differently than we type or read).  
  • Summary 
  • Time Stamps 
  • Blog Style – Where you  have sub topics and paragraphs giving the pointers and conversation that took place. 
  • Bullet Points – You can simply share points covered during the episode. 
  • Questions Asked & Answers – this is an easy style to adopt. You can even give the question, then bullets of the answer. 
  • Key Lessons Learned – again you can divide it up by category and sub topics and bullets of nuggets learned. 

Other Elements To Include

  • Quotes
  • Images
  • Call To Actions
  • Resources mentioned in the episode
  • Bio and info about the guest (or the host depending) 
  • Sponsors 
  • Your affiliates 
  • YouTube video embed 
  • Audio Player


Common Mistakes

  • Not having any
  • Putting the guest info on the page only
  • Using transcripts
  • Not SEO’g the episode – you can change the title in WordPress – it doesn’t have the be exactly the same as it is in Apple or on the image.  Tweak the show notes to optimize for SEO 
  • Not breaking them up to include call to actions
  • Not having a sidebar on your posts in your site to generate leads



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