The ‘Zero Listens’ Podcast Strategy: Driving Business Impact Beyond Downloads

Jun 26, 2024

The ‘Zero Listens’ Podcast Strategy

What if you host a podcast without a concern of how many downloads you get, how big your audience is… yet STILL get a huge ROI from podcasting. It CAN be done. I have Mike Allton Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse on the show to share the Zero Listens podcast strategy. He shares why it works, how to get the right guests for your show, how to engage in a conversation that converts and how to use the content in a way that generates more opportunities.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to strategically choose podcast guests that build valuable business relationships
  • Techniques for converting podcast guests into potential partners or clients
  • How to use podcast content to fuel your sales team’s outreach efforts
  • Mike’s “Zero Listens” podcast strategy focused on individual relationships
  • How to effectively repurpose podcast content for paid ads and sales enablement
  • Strategies for structuring podcast episodes to naturally introduce your products/services
  • How to leverage a team and streamline processes


Key Moments:

[01:23] – How to Host Multiple Podcasts Efficiently 

[06:00] – The Benefits of a “Zero Listens” Podcast Strategy 

[09:37] – Strategically Selecting Podcast Guests 

[14:37] – Engaging Podcast Guests to Drive Conversions 

[18:43] – Leveraging Podcast Content for Sales Outreach 

[24:22] – The Benefits of a Seasonal Podcast Approach 

[32:06] – Repurposing Podcast Content for Paid Advertising


Mastering the “Zero Listens” Podcast Approach

Mike Allton, the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agora Pulse, has uncovered a game-changing strategy that challenges the traditional focus on audience size. Introducing the “zero listens” podcast approach, Mike shares how businesses can leverage this innovative tactic to drive tangible results.


Shifting the Mindset: From Audience to Relationships

Traditionally, podcasters have been obsessed with metrics like downloads and audience size. However, Mike argues that for B2B businesses, this approach can be limiting. Instead, he advocates for a shift in focus, where the primary goal is to build meaningful relationships with specific individuals, rather than chasing a large, general audience.

His focus is less on trying to count the number of people who are listening to the content. And more about the individuals that he’s speaking to on the podcast. 


The Power of Targeted Guests

By carefully selecting guests for their podcast, businesses can strategically position themselves to connect with potential partners or clients. Mike explains how he proactively reaches out to industry experts and decision-makers, inviting them to be featured on the show.

He’s reaching out to these people on LinkedIn cold, in a personalized way and saying, ‘Hey, looks like you’re doing some great work in the social media marketing space. I’d love to bring you on the podcast.'”

This approach not only allows the business to build relationships with these influential guests but also provides an opportunity to showcase their own products or services in a subtle, non-intrusive way.



Repurposing Content for Sales Enablement

One of the key advantages of the “zero listens” podcast strategy is the ability to repurpose the content for sales and marketing purposes. Mike’s team at Agora Pulse creates a variety of assets, including video snippets, blog posts, and social media graphics, which are then used by the sales team to engage with potential customers.

“We’re taking those assets and we’re using them to get in front of all the other prospects that are within that target audience that we want to get in front of.”

By integrating the podcast content into their sales outreach, the Agora Pulse team can effectively nurture relationships and demonstrate their expertise, ultimately driving more qualified leads and sales opportunities.


Embracing a Seasonal Approach

Rather than adhering to a rigid weekly schedule, Mike prefers a seasonal approach for his corporate podcast shows. This allows him to regularly evaluate the performance of the content, make necessary adjustments, and ensure that the podcast remains aligned with the business’s evolving goals and priorities.


Focusing on the Essentials

You want to look at your processes and streamline them, focusing on the essentials. From automating email outreach to leveraging a virtual assistant for podcast production tasks, he has implemented strategies to ensure efficiency and scalability.

Hiring people that already know the technology and tasks is a huge time saver. When Mike hired someone for his production team, he didn’t have to teach them the podcast platform, Descript, the web, only his processes. What a game changer. 

By optimizing their workflows and delegating non-essential tasks, he can dedicate more time and resources to the critical aspects of the podcast strategy, such as guest selection and relationship-building.

Mike Allton’s “zero listens” approach offers a refreshing and innovative perspective. By shifting the focus from audience size to targeted relationship-building, businesses can leverage podcasts as a powerful tool for driving tangible business impact. Through strategic guest selection, content repurposing, and a seasonal mindset, organizations can unlock new opportunities for growth and success.


About Mike

Mike is a Strategic Marketing Leader in AI and Data-Driven Solutions at The Social Media Hat, host of the AI in Marketing: Unpacked podcast, international keynote speaker & author, and Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers and partner brands. He has spent over a decade in digital marketing and brings an unparalleled level of experience and excitement to the fore, whether he’s delivering a presentation or leading a workshop.


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