Tamara Kleinberg on Unique Innovation and Creativity

Jun 3, 2017

Tamara Kleinberg on Unique Innovation and Creativity

Tamara Kleinberg on Unique Innovation and Creativity

Tamara Kleinberg


As the founder of a thriving entrepreneurial business, TheShuuk.com – the testing ground for the world’s coolest, new ideas, Tamara Kleinberg knows what it takes to drive growth and innovation daily in an ever-changing market-place. Tamara is a business owner that speaks for the love of spreading innovative ideas and the entrepreneurial mindset. She brings a unique, real world, in the trenches perspective to all her engagements.

As the creator of the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment, Tamara has developed the only tool able to measure people’s natural innovation strengths and deliver insights and tools for performing at their peak, bringing more innovative ideas to the table, being a high value team member and creating game-changing results.

Main Questions Asked:

  • Why is tapping into your creative potential important?
  • What if someone is not naturally creative?
  • What is the Innovation Quotient Edge for?
  • What kind of innovation styles are there?
  • What does it mean to break the rules?

Key Lessons Learned from Tamara Kleinberg:


  • Going to market differently from your competition is how you stand apart.
  • We often build innovative products but not innovative businesses.
  • Focusing on being innovative in business is how small businesses compete with Fortune 500 companies. Big companies are like big ships, that can’t make changes quickly.
  • Working on a serious budget forces you to be more creative.
  • Customers will reward innovation by opening their wallets.
  • Research shows innovation is universal, we all innovate differently.
  • Innovation can be small, incremental improvements or it can be major game changers.
  • The rules are often just the way other people have decided to do things. How you do business or go to market is up to you.


  • Being creative is a skill that needs to be practiced and honed.
  • “Just getting it done” leads to indifference in the marketplace and you end up looking like everyone else.
  • When everyone is playing at the same innovation level, the whole team is elevated.
  • Ask open ended questions to get people along for the journey.

Innovation Quotient Edge

  • An assessment that allows you to discover your innovator archetype.
  • When you know your archetype you can sell better by speaking the language of innovation.
  • You can learn another person’s archetype by listening to the words they use.
  • You should build a business you love, you just have to know how to do it.

Innovation Styles

  • Tweakers, everything is an opportunity to edit and adjust. They will keep going until they get it right.
  • Futuristics, they take today’s problems and create tomorrow’s solutions.
  • Inquisitive, asks a lot questions and peels back the layers.

Final Tips

  • Don’t settle when it comes to your business, innovate in how you do things and go to market.
  • Take the assessment and understand your innovator archetype.
  • Life is too short not to build a business that you love.

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