Podcast Tips & Lessons From The Past 100 Episodes

Nov 15, 2023

Podcast Tips & Lessons

Wow 100 episodes of the Leverage Your Podcast show. Boy that went by fast! There have been so many changes since I launched this show (and lord knows since I’ve started podcasting 8 years ago). 

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Here are some changes, lessons and tips that I gained over the past couple of years while in the trenches and helping clients with their podcasts too! 

1 – Do your guest research – don’t rush the process. Always listen to episodes the guest was on to see if it’s a fit. Sometimes personality and energy (even if the topic is worthy) doesn’t jive and the episode falls flat and conversation feels awkward. 

2 – Don’t overcomplicate the process – In the beginning I thought I’d go live for the recording, and then push it out as a podcast a few weeks later, but it was kind of a logistical nightmare and just wasn’t worth it. 

3 – It’s okay to bail on a process and pivot – again, going live in Facebook first and then using the recording for a podcast was not working and I had to be okay with letting that go and changing the process and how I marketed the podcast. 

4 – Stay aligned with your podcasts purpose – This I have stayed true with and am okay with saying no to potential guest pitches that it’s not a fit, no matter who they are. If you veer off and have general business growth topics and your podcast is focused on podcasts – you may water down your message and water down your ability to target and attract your ideal listener. 

5 – Switching hosts can be painful, ask ALL questions up front and get support – What a brutal lesson – there are elements that you don’t realize (like having to change ALL mp3 links on your web posts for past episodes if you want them to work. So I changed my mind and went back to the other host and then THAT was a painful process where my feed wasn’t going to spotify for ages and I had no idea – UGH. 

6 – Lean into collaborative opportunities – I have nurtured and leveraged relationships with hosts of shows I’ve guested on and guests of my show. I’ve been invited on shows because of that, invited to speak at events and done some joint venture projects and gotten referrals. 

7 – Stay in touch, foster relationships  – Comment on people’s posts, share their trainings or events that are going on, their posts, and stay in touch. 

8 – Showcase your affiliate products on your show page – Share the products you are an affiliate of that relate to your expertise, or software and products you use. Share them in your podcast and share them on your show page as visual call to actions. It’s a chance to make easy money. 

9 – Create a podcast trailer – I was asked to do a podcast trailer swap and I didn’t have a trailer! So I created one and we did a trailer swap. You can use it in other ads, or have it on your podcast info page too. A short intro to your podcast tha shares who it’s for and what it’s about. 

10 – Do a podcast trailer swap – Now that you have the trailer – do podswaps with other podcasts that have a similar audience. It cross promotes their listeners to your show and visa versa. In fact I did a whole podcast on it. You can listen here

11 – Use YouTube – It’s the 2nd biggest search engine and showcases podcasts now and with YouTube shorts, it’s a platform you can no longer ignore. Here is a podcast episode I did about leveraging video marketing from your podcast. 

12 – Use AI to make content creation easier – AI has been a life saver and time saver for me when used as a tool. It can’t replace content, but it can speed up your process. 

13 – Leverage the video in multiple ways – Of course you can add the video into YouTube and embed it on your show notes but you also want to repurpose it to create short videograms, reels for Instagram, Facebook plus YouTube shorts. It’ll help attract your ideal client and get in front of new audiences. 

14 – Simplify what assets you send your guest – Boy did I overcomplicate things at first. I gave too much and it only overwhelmed and confused the guest. Share an image, a video, or a reel and that should be enough. Plus don’t forget to tag the guest in your social media posts to get in front of their audience. 

15 – It’s okay to admit mistakes – I’m slowly learning to be okay with being vulnerable and in that process got great advice from a couple of podcast guests I had on and it only helped build my relationship with them too. 

16 – Be bold and ask a guest to be on your show that you think is ‘out of reach’ – there were some guests that I wanted to have on my show but felt nervous to invite. I delayed and delayed and just bit the bullet – and they said yes! So now I just dive in and invite. If they don’t say yes or it’s not a fit or not a fit ‘now’. That’s okay. At least I took action and asked anyway. 

17 – Use the Podcast Leverage System – To make sure you are publishing for results, distributing for maximum exposure, repurposing for higher visibility and multiplying for consistent content. Want the training to learn the system – head to https://www.leverageyourpodcast.com/free/

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