Need Ideas for Podcast Topics? Do These 5 Things!

Oct 5, 2022

Need Ideas for Podcast Topics?

What if there was a way you can create podcast episodes, video and content that your audience is DYING to consume…. ideas for podcast topics that you KNOW your avatar (ideal prospect or client) IS in fact searching for. 

I am sharing today a strategy I use for myself and clients when planning out content so that podcast topics, blogs and videos are more likely to get ‘found’, clicked, read, listened to, and consumed. 

HOW? Being intentional with your podcast topics and doing some back end research…

  • Discover HOW to be more intentional with your podcast (or content) topics.
  • I’ll share HOW to find out WHAT your audience is searching for so you can deliver podcasts they are waiting for.
  • I’ll share how to see what is resonating and performing well for your competitors, so that you too can rank for those topics.

Why throw spaghetti on a wall and create solo podcast episodes on topics that no one wants to hear. You THINK they want to – but what if they don’t. What a waste of time!

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1 – Get a list of competitors and get a list of industry leaders

Look at their websites, blogs, videos and podcasts to give you ideas of what topics and what problems (and solutions) you can cover. When in their YouTube account you can even see what videos have more views (ie what your listener likely WANTS to know about!).


2 – Go to Google Keyword planner or Ubersuggest

Search for terms in your industry – topics ideas you have, what your audience would want to learn. 

You’ll see the search volume (per month) of various phrases.

          YouTube Videos – 1.5 million searches and difficulty is 88 – there’s no way I could ever compete or rank for that phrase! 

          Optimize YouTube videos 210 searches, difficulty is 61 – much more doable!

          Optimize videos – 1300 searches but difficulty is high at 70 – difficulty may be too high so harder to get results

          How to optimize YouTube videos  210 searches and difficulty 65 – not too bad but would be nicer to have higher search volume

          Tips for optimizing YouTube videos  0 searches – so no use using that! 

This will help you KNOW what topic is searched for AND how you frame the topic and potential title that will be easier to SEO (optimize for search engines). If someone isn’t searching that topic – why do a podcast on that topic? 

SIDE TIP – it’s OKAY for the image you use to promote that episode to have a slightly different title than the one you use in WordPress for the post title. It can be ‘sexier’. 


3 – Look at the statistics of your past episodes in your host platform

What are the top 25. This will help you see what topic resonates so that you can do another ‘spin’ on that topic, or another vantage point or related topic. Give your audience MORE of what they are looking for! 

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4 – Head over to YouTube

I also recommend using a tool like TubeBuddy which allows me to do keyword research and competitive analysis.

I can look at videos for competitors or industry leaders to see what video topics get a ton of views AND see what keywords they use! 

I can search for terms and see what videos come up and if there are a lot of views to show if there is interest in that topic.

Just like I did for the SEO Keywords/Phrases above – I can do that for videos. I can see what exact topic phrases are being searched the most AND which one’s are too difficult and too competitive and wouldn’t be worth my time using. After all, it’ll be better to attract my avatar with the right topic YES but also to have a fighting chance to rank for that term so that my video can be found faster. 

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5 – Create a list

So now that you’ve done a bunch of research, you can create a list of key topics to create a podcast from (and how to phrase the title to optimize). 

For example -for THIS episode I searched

Ideas for Podcast Topics –  1600 with difficulty of 50   

Podcast Topics Generator –  210 with difficulty of 58

So of course I created  Need Ideas for Podcast Topics? Do these 5 things! 

Then, you are creating content that your listener WANTS to hear, they are searching for.  

No more spaghetti on a wall!


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