How To Engage Listeners With Podcast Trailers

Jan 24, 2024

Podcast Trailers

Do you watch a trailer before seeing the movie -I bet you do! Then if you have a podcast, you should definitely have a podcast trailer. I have Arielle Nissenblatt on the show, the host of Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast to share the 911 on podcast trailers. Here’s what we cover: 

  • The importance of podcast trailers in marketing and creating buzz before the actual episodes are ready.
  • Insights on different styles of trailers, their purposes, and their impact on engaging listeners.
  • Tips for crafting engaging and effective podcast trailers, including ideal length, essential elements, and audio quality.
  • The value of connecting with other podcasters and leveraging podcast trailers as a tool for exposure.
  • The ideal elements to include in a podcast trailer, such as show description, hosts’ names, and target audience.

[00:00] Intro 

[00:02]  Unveiling the Power of Podcast Trailers with Ariel Nisselblatt

[09:27]  Creating Compelling Podcast Trailers: Tips for Length, Content, and Distribution

[17:20]  Maximizing Your Podcast Trailer Distribution and Creativity

[25:39]  Unveiling the Secrets of Podcast Pre Roll, Teaser, and Trailer | Earbuds Podcast Collective Revealed!

[31:38]  How to Attract More Listeners to Your Business Podcast

[34:43]  The Power of Podcast Trailers and Connecting with Fellow Podcasters


The Podcasting Journey of Ariel Nissenblatt

Ariel Nissenblatt, a seasoned professional in the podcasting industry, has been actively involved since 2017. Here are some key points from her podcasting journey:

  • Ariel started her podcasting career by establishing a podcast recommendation newsletter, demonstrating her passion for curating and sharing podcast content.
  • Although initially hesitant, Ariel eventually ventured into podcast creation in 2019 with the launch of “Feedback with Earbuds,” aligning with her newsletter’s purpose.
  • She emphasizes the excitement and learning experience that comes with launching and managing multiple podcasts, highlighting the iterative nature of podcast creation and the potential for each show to achieve significant success.


The Significance of Podcast Trailers

Podcast trailers play a crucial role in captivating potential listeners and providing a glimpse into the essence of a podcast. Ariel’s insights shed light on the significance of podcast trailers:

  • Ariel views podcast trailers as a means to entice and engage audiences, emphasizing the fun and creative aspects of launching a podcast.
  • Podcast trailers serve as an “onboarding mechanism,” allowing creators to introduce their shows, build anticipation, and initiate marketing efforts before the official launch.


Crafting Compelling Podcast Trailers

Ariel shares her expertise on crafting effective podcast trailers and emphasizes the following essential elements:

  • The importance of the trailer length, suggesting a range between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, while encouraging creators to focus on engaging content rather than rigid time constraints.
  • The significance of incorporating the host’s personality, interactions, and a genuine representation of the podcast’s essence within the trailer.
  • The impact of video trailers in capturing audience attention, with Ariel highlighting the potential for video elements to enhance engagement and reach a broader audience.

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Leveraging Podcast Trailers for Business

Ariel offers valuable advice for businesses venturing into podcasting, emphasizing the strategic approach to podcast creation:

  • She advocates for businesses to view podcasts as a means of building reputation, fostering relationships, and showcasing expertise rather than solely focusing on monetization.
  • Ariel advises businesses to establish clear objectives beyond financial gains, encouraging them to consider the broader brand-building opportunities associated with podcasting.


Earbuds Podcast Collective and Ariel’s Podcasts

Ariel’s Earbuds Podcast Collective offers a unique platform for curated podcast recommendations, enabling diverse content discovery. Additionally, Ariel’s podcasts, including “Feedback with Earbuds” and “Trailer Park,” showcase her dedication to creating engaging and impactful podcast content.

About Arielle Nissenblatt

Arielle Nissenblatt is on the community team at Descript. She’s the founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective. She hosts podcasts all about the world of podcasting – Feedback with EarBuds and Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast. Nissenblatt speaks at audio, video, and creator-focused conferences on podcasting, marketing, and branding. She wants to help you find your next favorite podcast.


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