Yann Ilunga on Strategic Podcasting

Dec 2, 2016

Strategic Podcasting with Yann Ilunga

Strategic Podcasting with Yann Ilunga

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Yann Ilunga


In this week’s episode of the Sailing to Success Podcast Show, Lyndsay Phillips interviews Yann Ilunga. Yann Ilunga is a podcast consultant who helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives leverage the power of podcasting and funnels to build authority, network with influencers, generate more leads and find more customers. Yann Ilunga is also the host of 360 Entrepreneur Podcast and The Jazz Spotlight, and is the organizer of the world’s largest virtual summit.


  • What is the strategy behind podcasting?
  • Which of the three types are best for particular goals?
  • What are some things that podcasters do wrong/right?
  • How do you help podcasters?



  • It is easier to connect with someone via audio when compared to the written word.
  • Audio is available almost anywhere at anytime.
  • Podcasting is valuable in every industry, but you have to decide what your podcast is focused on and what the goal is.
  • Hosting a podcast can help you build your list, network with influencers in your niche, or help hone your speaking skills. Pick one goal and focus on it.
  • It takes time to become comfortable in front of a microphone but it’s the most fundamental skill in podcasting.
  • Once you know your podcasting goal, the format of your show is easier to figure out.
  • Pick one link to focus on each episode, as the host send people to your show notes page, as a guest focus on either your site or a downloadable resource.

Mistakes Podcasters Make

  • No prep, you should prepare for each episode at least a little bit.
  • Not asking whether the guest is right for your show or not.
  • Not putting the guest at ease before recording.
  • Not leaving time for a post interview chat, you can miss a lot of opportunities by skipping this.
  • Not interrupting the guest to ask for more information.
  • Not adding your personality and perspective to your show. Your show, your rules.
  • Being too rigid, you should be willing to go off topic if the conversation or topic is interesting.
  • Not adding value to your guest. Mention something the guest is working on that they may not expect.

Being A Good Guest

  • Don’t focus on the download numbers.
  • Whatever you promote should be a natural extension of the conversation you’re having.
  • Ask the host who is their ideal listener.
  • Let the host know that you had a good time, ask to connect with the host online and if you can help them in anyway.

Final Tips

  • Choose the goal you want to achieve with your podcast and focus on it.
  • Be willing to go off script if the topic is interesting.
  • Don’t forget to prep for your shows!
  • Be yourself and bring your personality to the show.

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