Dana Croft on CardTapp

Apr 24, 2017

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National Account Director at CardTapp. Mother of two with 18 years of experience in the sales industry. Has built over 2500 apps for a large range of industries.

Main Questions Asked:

  • How long has CardTapp been around?
  • What is Card Tapp and what does it do?
  • Who was the app built for?
  • How do you use and share the app?
  • Can users customize the app to look like their branding?
  • What’s new on the horizon?

Key Lessons Learned:


  • Starting or designing a business within an industry you have experience in is easier and more effective.
  • Today’s fast paced society has made simply exchanging contact information no longer enough to be remembered and can result in lost customers and income.
  • Mobile technology and social media platforms play a key role in today’s modern business, and are leaving traditional methods of advertising such as exchanging business cards obsolete.
  • Properly branding and advertising yourself and your business is fundamental.
  • People don’t like using things that are too complex. Try to cultivate simplicity.
  • While referrals are still beneficial, the ability and effectiveness to follow up and research into a business, person or product plays a much more crucial role.
  • The ability to see and track how your customers interact with your business can give key insight on how to improve.
  • Funneling customers from different platforms into one location increases your ability to network effectively.
  • Utilize videos to convey information more effectively


  • Be proactive and strive to be in the driver’s seat.
  • Going above and beyond your core principles sets a standard for anyone who works with you.
  • Success as a company depends on the success of your customers and employees.

Final Tips

  • Properly focusing your effort is crucial to success.
  • Knowing your customers means knowing your business.
  • Strive to make connecting to you as simple as possible.
  • Keeping up with technology and trends in business and networking can help increase your overall productivity.


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See CardTapp in action here: dana.cardtapp.com