How To Use Podcasting As A Powerful Lead Generation Strategy With Yann Ilunga

Nov 10, 2021

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Podcasting As A Powerful Lead Generation Strategy

We all want leads, right? And why not get leads through the power of podcasting? Lead Generation and Podcast Consultant Yann Ilunga chats with me to share his insights on how to create a lead generation strategy when podcasting. Here is what we covered…

How does podcasting for business help you generate leads and clients?

Yann has been podcasting since 2014 and he’s produced over 400 episodes for his own business and for his clients. Podcasting for business, both hosting and guesting, have allowed Yann access to a number of opportunities including being able to speak at conferences, creating a podcasting community that just reached over 4900 members, and generating new clients for his business.

In a nutshell, podcasting for business specifically has helped Yann to grow his network, foster a community, generate new leads, and land new clients.

How do you create more leads through podcasts?

You need to look at how your business currently generates leads and how it turns those leads into prospects and customers. 

The first step with a podcast is to offer the listener a simple next step for them to take. This can be as simple as a checklist or asking them to join your online community. Keep in mind the lack of visual dimension in a podcast, because if your next step fills the gap and is the natural next step they can take with you.

You need to make sure your next step is as connected as possible to the topic that was discussed and it needs to be simple. Keep the link simple and easy to remember because people are often busy when listening to podcasts.

When you are sending traffic from a podcast, it’s warm traffic whereas people who haven’t heard from you yet are cold traffic. Both are at different levels of commitment. As you think about the page that houses the resource you’re pointing people to on your podcast, think about the temperature of the traffic you are sending.

If you have a Facebook group, you can generate leads directly from there. When people are signing up for the group you can ask them a set of initial questions that you can use to get targeted information from them. You can find out what topics they are interested in learning more about, where they were referred to, and what their email address is to follow up with them.

Outside of Facebook, you can create a specific page for listeners to get answers to their questions, deliver resources, and give them an opportunity to work with you in a deeper way. Page builders and email sequences can help you construct a funnel that generates leads and warms them up at the same time.

If you can convert people with a call, your next step should be to schedule that call. It’s important to make sure you hit the small yes (cold traffic), middle size yes (warm traffic), and the big yes (hot traffic).

When you’re podcasting for business, think about the products and services you have to sell, what topics they address, and the pain points that people have around those topics. From there you can create a free downloadable resource that solves that pain, connect it to an email sequence, and then mention it on the podcast.

What podcasts are you listening to right now?

Yann is listening to the Sales Logic podcast to get some more insights into business in general.

When it comes to lead generation and podcasting, is there a tool you couldn’t live without?

Right now, the one that stands out most is Yann’s email marketing software since it solves so many problems for him and allows him to go from one-to-many communication to one-to-one. 

If you could podcast about something non-business-related, what would it be?

Yann would probably podcast about something related to the culture and history of Japan. His very first podcast was actually on Jazz.



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