Podcasting Tips: Unleashing the Power of Call To Actions

Aug 9, 2023

Podcasting Tips

Grabbing and maintaining the attention of online visitors has become a challenging feat in today’s fast-paced digital world. As a podcaster, you know the struggle of trying to guide your audience towards taking a specific action – be it signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or simply listening to the entire show. Crafting an effective Call-to-Action (CTA) is like a well-tuned symphony; it requires a careful blend of creativity, psychology, and an understanding of your audience’s behavior.

In this podcast episode, I invite Steve Stewart, a podcast editing expert, to discuss call to actions for podcasters. We explore the significance of call to actions and the different types, such as hard and soft ones. Steve shares his personal experience and emphasizes the importance of having a clear next step for listeners. We discuss the placement of call to actions within episodes and the use of tips of the week as a promotional strategy. We also touch on asking for reviews and the importance of feedback from listeners.

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In This Episode

  • ([01:12]) The importance of call to actions
  • ([03:13]) Difference between hard and soft call to actions
  • ([05:49]) Having a clear and concise call to action
  • ([08:32]) The power of suggestion
  • ([09:34]) Ninja call to action
  • ([10:38]) Tips on where to strategically place call to actions in podcast episodes
  • ([14:13]) Using tips of the week as a way to promote products or services
  • ([15:59]) Using reviews as content and call to actions
  • ([18:40]) The wrong way to ask for reviews 
  • ([22:07]) Tips for making it easier for listeners to take action
  • ([27:36]) The benefits of directing listeners to a website to learn more about the podcaster


The Power of Call to Actions

I first came across Steve’s work when I stumbled upon his presentation on CTAs for timid podcasters. It struck a chord with me as I realized that many podcasters and entrepreneurs, including myself, often hesitate to use CTAs effectively. Steve shared his personal journey of understanding the importance of CTAs after receiving feedback on his own podcast. He emphasized that while serving the audience is paramount, it’s equally important to guide them towards the next step.

Hard vs Soft Call to Actions

Our conversation then veered towards the difference between hard and soft CTAs. Hard CTAs are direct and sales-oriented, like asking listeners to buy a product or sign up for a service. However, we acknowledged that not all podcasters are comfortable with this approach. Soft CTAs, on the other hand, are more subtle and focus on encouraging listeners to share the show or explore free resources. Steve stressed the importance of building an email list as a valuable CTA, as it allows podcasters to establish a deeper connection with their audience and promote their offerings.

The Art of Placing Call to Actions

One of the key aspects we discussed was the placement of CTAs in podcast episodes. Steve advised against placing CTAs at the beginning of episodes, as it can feel forced and lose its potency. Instead, he suggested weaving CTAs naturally into the content through storytelling or mentioning relevant resources. He also recommended finding a good transition point or including CTAs at the end of episodes.

“Make your call-to-actions feel natural and non-salesy. Offer value first, and the rest will follow.” – Steve

Tips of the Week and Affiliate Marketing

We also explored the idea of using “tips of the week” as a way to promote products or services. Steve shared his experience with affiliate marketing using a budgeting program. By sharing his affiliate link as a tip of the week, he was able to benefit from people using it and also build a stronger relationship with his listeners. We agreed that affiliate marketing is a great way for podcasters to monetize their shows.

Reviews as Content and Call to Actions

Another interesting point we touched upon was using reviews as content and CTAs. Steve shared a technique where a show asked for a review after the listener had emailed them, making it a natural part of the conversation. He also emphasized the importance of feedback directly from listeners, as it allows for two-way communication and engagement.


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Making it Easy for Listeners to Take Action

In terms of making it easier for listeners to take action, Steve suggested providing direct access to the specific CTA. This can be done by including hyperlinks in the show notes or episode descriptions. He also recommended keeping URLs short and easy to remember.

The Importance of a Clear Call to Action

We concluded our conversation by emphasizing the importance of a clear CTA and how it can be seamlessly integrated into the conversation without sounding salesy. We also highlighted the benefits of directing people to a website, as it allows them to explore more content, engage with the podcaster, and potentially convert into customers.

Steve’s Call to Action

Towards the end, Steve shared his CTA, promoting his editing services for personal finance podcasters. He also mentioned his community of podcast editors who can help those looking for editing services. I was truly inspired by Steve’s work and his dedication to supporting fellow podcasters in the industry.

About Steve

In 2010, Steve Stewart created a podcast to promote his financial coaching business. Then, in

2016, he started editing for his peers – which he quickly turned into a career.

Today, Steve produces 20 episodes a week for podcasts like the Stacking Benjamins Show, Afford Anything, and Popcorn Finance. Using the experience from his own show, and all

the behind-the-scenes work for his 20ish clients, Steve teaches others how to make better podcasts. 

On top of all that, Steve founded the Podcast Editors Club, with over 8,500 members, and co- founded the Podcast Editor Academy – which helps individuals build their own podcast services business. If you’re looking for help with your podcast, Steve is there to support!

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