Powerful & Practical Content Marketing

Jun 30, 2018

Practical approaches on building relationships with content marketing

Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on Unofficial Shopify Podcast show with show host – Kurt Elster 




Rounding up our four-part series this quarter on content marketing, in this episode, we discuss practical approaches on building relationships with content marketing (and several mistakes you’re probably making.)

By creating a content marketing plan, publishing videos, blogs, and even Facebook Live, you’ll gain consistent branding, amplified online exposure, and real relationships with your customers so that you can sell more, more often.

Joining us to discuss all things content & social is super-powered serial entrepreneur Lyndsay Philips. She’s the CEO & Founder of Smooth Sailing Business Growth & Smooth Business Growth Podcast. She leads a rock star team to support entrepreneurs who are seeking fast-paced business growth but finally have come to the realization that they can’t do it alone, do it all, and do it well.

You’ll Learn

  • Refresher: what content marketing is and what strategies are working today?
  • The biggest mistakes you’re probably making when posting content on social media
  • The dating approach you can use to build relationships with customers through social media
  • Leveraging video right now – how do we get more engagement and stronger relationships using this marketing strategy?
  • Plus: Kurt gets excited about chatbots & FB Live.

Tune in for more details!


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