Pre-Launch Guide To Set You Apart From The Crowd

Feb 26, 2016

Pre-Launch guide

The Why, What, & How’s of a Pre-Launch

The Why, What, & How’s of a Pre-Launch

So we’ve talked about info products and also launches [launches aren’t just for info products mind you]. And you may have seen me mention a Pre-Launch. You may be thinking – hey – if I’m launching my product/book/service/website – why are we talking about a Pre-Launch?Tweet: If I'm #launching my product/book/service/website - why are we talking about a #PreLaunch?See why:


Think of the Pre-Launch as paving the way for a successful launch. You are ‘seeding’ your audience for what’s to come. You are creating a buzz around your product/service/book etc. By doing so, you create some anticipation and curiosity. Feeding into that natural human instinct to (a) wanting to be a part of something, and (b) natural curiosity – means you’ll get more interest in the product itself. You may even have people talking about it and create some great prospective customers because of it!

It’s also a great opportunity to grow your list – and let me show you how.


So what makes up a Pre-Launch? Tweet: So what makes up a #PreLaunch? #infoproduct Get your answer here:

  • Social Media posts explaining what’s to come – that you are working on something great – how it will help your audience and what to expect.
  • Email marketing is a key ingredient – let your community your news – and how you will help them (coming soon!)
  • LinkedIn Posts  
  • Videos -give them a sneak peek!
  • Free Offer that leads into the ‘main event’ – ex: offer a video series, evergreen webinar, guide – and at the end let them know about the NEW product – keep reading for more info below!

You can even do a Pre-Launch landing page and have pre-ordering at a lower rate or beta testers on a service for a lower rate.

The HOW  Tweet: Just how do you pull off a #prelaunch of an #infoproduct? Get your answer here:

Someone who has the whole launch sequence mastered is Jeff Walker – in fact, he has a whole system that he offers – so he’s a great guy to follow.

One of the key elements is offering a FREE product (that relates to the purchasable product). For example – for a client of mine we did a survey to his list (asking for input – plus they get a free report on a related topic as a gift), then they were offered a FREE Training series (with a 3 part video series and great bonuses). This Free training segues into the actual Info Product we were launching. Then at the end of the Free Training sequence – they get introduced to the Product (which at this time we will do the Hard Launch of the product with all the bells and whistles). We even offered this free training opt-in on social media – to grow his E-list. The success rate of the survey and opt-ins was fabulous! Plus – it’s a double win – they are engaging in my client’s content – digesting fabulous information, bringing them further into the sales funnel. The hard launch just happened – the stats aren’t in yet – but it’s looking good!

*Sidebar – this info product for this client, is a middle tiered product between the books and the live event, with the end goal being a Mastermind Program. See how the pieces all fit together with the end goal?

This is the briefest synopsis of a Pre-Launch I’ve ever given – but at least it gives you an idea of what it means and why it can make a difference to the success of your launch. The prep work and moving pieces before a product goes live is so important.

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