How To Research & Prepare For Podcast Guesting

Apr 10, 2024

Research & Prepare For Podcast Guesting

Podcast guesting is a hot strategy to get visibility, authority, collaborations, and leads. The question is though, once you get booked, do you wing it, or are you fully prepared to knock it out of the park? I have Podcast Booking Agency owner Noemi Beres on the show to share how she coaches her clients to research the show and how to prepare to be a successful guest so you can get more ROI from the relationship and opportunity.

The conversation covers topics like finding the right podcasts, building relationships with hosts, and the do’s and don’ts of being a great podcast guest. If you’re going to use podcast guesting to market your business – you’ll want to invest the time to do it right.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • How to find (and research)  the RIGHT shows to guest on to get in front of your ideal client
  • Discover whether pre-interview chats are a valuable investment of your time or a mere distraction.
  • How to craft compelling interview topics that will get you booked and engage the audience
  • What to do AFTER the interview and why it’s important to get more ROI out of the interview
  • Identify the essential traits of a standout guest while navigating common pitfalls that hinder bookings and lead generation.


[00:06]  The Importance of Research and Pre-Chats

[03:21]  Tips for Finding the Right Shows and Connecting with Hosts

[07:28]  Podcast Guesting Tips and Strategies

[17:28]  Common Podcast Guest Mistakes

[22:09]  Maximizing the Impact of Podcast Interviews

[25:57]  Making a Positive Impression on LinkedIn


Mastering the Art of Podcast Research

When it comes to podcast guesting, the key to success lies in the preparation. As Noemi Beres, the co-owner of Podcast Connections, a podcast booking agency, explains, the research you do ahead of time can make all the difference.


Identifying the Right Niche

The first step is to find the right niche for your expertise. Noemi emphasizes the importance of aligning your message and business with the podcast you guest on. “You have to figure out a niche. I mean, that’s just so important. You have to be in the right niche to, yeah, to find the right podcast.”


Listening to the Show

Once you’ve identified a potential podcast, Noemi suggests listening to at least one or two episodes to get a feel for the host and the show’s format. “You have to listen to a couple of episodes before you go for that, specific podcast.”


Considering the Pre-Chat

The pre-chat, a brief conversation with the host before the actual recording, is a topic of debate. Naomi acknowledges the pros and cons, “It’s still very valuable for many people because it’s like you just connect with someone and you get that vibe.”


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Keeping Track of Potential Opportunities

Try creating a worksheet or spreadsheet to keep track of the podcasts you’re interested in. “It’s also a gateway to have, like, a book a worksheet or an Excel sheet, a Google worksheet or an Excel sheet, and just try to you know, make a note of those podcasts that you are interested in.”


Preparing to Be a Stellar Guest


Aligning with the Host’s Message

When considering a podcast opportunity, it’s crucial to ensure that the host’s message and your own business align. Noemi emphasizes, “It’s important to figure out everything beforehand because it’s evergreen content, and it will stay in Google forever.”


Crafting Compelling Topics

It’s a good idea to prepare three unique and compelling topics with a few talking points for each. “They have to stand out a bit. They have to be unique and not to generate because if something if you talk about marketing, it’s like, okay, like, you know, online marketing.”


Providing Valuable Content

Naomi stresses the importance of not treating the podcast interview as an advertisement. “It’s not. You share knowledge. You share story. And that’s the most important, angle of podcast casting and podcast interviews.”


Promoting the Episode

Once the episode is live, Noemi encourages her clients to share the content across all their social media platforms and leave a positive review for the host. “Reshare. Repurpose the content. I I told my clients 100 times. Reshare. Repurpose it on all social media platforms because that’s so important.”


Avoiding Common Pitfalls


Missed Appointments

One of the biggest mistakes is not showing up for the scheduled interview. “Not showing up on anything. Oh my god. Yes. I mean, it doesn’t happen a lot with our clients. It happens once or twice, and some of the hosts get very angry with them and upset and then they don’t want them again on their show.”


Monopolizing the Conversation

Another common mistake is when guests dominate the conversation, leaving the host waiting to interject. Noemi advises, “You really have find a balance. I think in life is the middle way is is the best way. So if you can find a balance between the host and the guest and that kind of 50, 50% and you aim for that.”


Lack of Preparation

It’s important to be prepared, even for seasoned guests. “Not being respectful that everything in the opposite to what I said, like, and not treating the host with back and just focusing on themselves.”

Podcast guesting is a powerful marketing strategy, but it requires careful preparation and execution. By following Noemi’s expert advice on research, topic selection, and guest etiquette, you can maximize the impact of your podcast appearances and build valuable connections within your industry.


About Noemi

Noémi Beres is the Co-Owner of the Podcast Connections podcast booking agency.

She helps entrepreneurs and business owners enrich their lives through connections, sharing their knowledge, and connecting them to quality podcast shows. In addition, Noemi is dedicated to helping experts grow their businesses with interviews.

She started to work in the online marketing field back in 2007. Noemi has a Master’s Degree in Danish Literature and Language; she is a linguist, content creator, and “master organizer.” She loves making hand-sewn collages on canvas in her free time and playing on her hang and frame drum.


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