How To Put More Fun Into Producing A Podcast

Jan 18, 2023

Producing a Podcast

Hey if you aren’t having fun guesting or hosting your podcast, then you are doing it wrong lol. You think ‘oh but fun is a nice to have’ – it’s about authority and visibility and connections. But honestly, if you aren’t having fun in the game, it’ll show – you won’t be putting your best into it and it’ll affect your results. In this episode I share why it’s key and how to bring fun into every element of podcasting.

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Okay yes the main fun part about podcasting is chatting to other people – guesting on other shows, getting to know them, hearing their stories, having a laugh along the way or hosting a show and interviewing cool people from the other side of the globe. BUT you can weave fun into the show in other ways  – even the process. 


Mix up your format to bring in more fun

  • If your podcast is mainly solo episodes, why not bring in some guest experts or other people to create a conversation. It’s so much more fun to have a casual conversation with someone else, with funny banter and energy.  
  • Consider doing a live show. Some people feed off of the ‘live’ energy and love the comments and engagement with other people. You can even pull the audio version to still create a traditional podcast episode.  
  • Have a panel discussion on one of the episodes. A few of you can chat about a topic.   
  • What music do you want on the show, interject jokes or montages or cool video clips or segments into the podcast that show your personality. It doesn’t always have to be ‘business like’ 
  • Have a fun virtual background
  • Ask some unrelated questions at the end of the show that are silly and fun 

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Make it fun for the audience

  • How can you create more engagement into the show? Have a segment where you answer audience questions or read comments and reviews.
  • Have a contest on the air
  • Bring an audience member into an episode.
  • Use PodInbox to get feedback from listeners (they leave voice messages) and showcase them on the air. 
  • Tell lots of stories on the episodes, find ways to weave those in more.

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Know Yourself And Your Limits

  • To keep it fun you need to keep your energy high and take care of you.
  • Schedule recordings when you feel good, you are dressed up, or when you are at your bests. Some people perform better in mornings, some later in the afternoon. Record when you HAVE that energy.
  • Record on days that fit your schedule. I do not record on Mondays or Fridays, I reserve those days to work on my biz, prioritize the week or do client work. 
  • Do not record too many in one day – you’ll run out of steam. I don’t even like when I have 2 in one day. But some prefer to have at least 2 to keep that momentum up. 
  • If you record on days that don’t make sense for you, your energy and your business and self care – it won’t work and the quality of the recording will reflect that. 
  • Have a coffee while you are recording to perk you up and make you feel natural (or a favorite latte to make it a treat). 


Why having fun in the process counts

  • Figure out what you love to do and hate to do and delegate what you do NOT like doing. If someone else loves it – they will do a much better job. 
  • When there are things you do not like doing, chances are they won’t get done and you are less likely to be consistent.
  • It’ll feel less like drudgery if you only do the elements you like.
  • Batch tasking helps. So if you have to create images and you aren’t a fan of it – do a months worth in one day. Then you won’t have to do any for another month! 
  • Figure out what pieces you can contract out – it’ll likely save you time and money in the long run! 
  • Automate more pieces. Using a scheduler can help you communicate with the guest and also gather all the pieces you need for the show notes. 
  • Use software and programs to make tasks easier. There are video and audio tools that help you do something once to create more social media. makes it easier to push to You Tube, create short videos and more. Capsho helps create social media text from audio, helps create more content from long form pieces of content. There are a ton of tools out there that make it quicker and easier.


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