Productivity Tips

Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and captain, Lindsay Phillips, steering you through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth.

I want to talk to you about how you can prevent things and projects and tasks slipping through the cracks because it’s been done by me in the past and many other people. With all the emails that we get each day and all the social media posts, all the projects, all the things that we need to stay on top of, it can be really overwhelming and I totally get that.

One of the productivity problems I find is when you are working with a team and you’re emailing back and forth so often, a task and following up on it can easily get missed. If one person doesn’t get that email for whatever reason or that person didn’t respond, then that task kind of gets lost in the shuffle, right?  Definitely hinders productivity. Here’s my biggest tip. When you email someone a question about a specific project or a task and you are responsible for that project, or even if you’re not responsible, it’s just good to stay on top of things, but what I recommend is setting up a task in your project management systems. If you don’t have a project management system, I’d definitely recommend it. There’s Podio, Teamwork, Asana, Basecamp, there are tons out there. That’s a whole other topic for another day. You can always use your calendar to set up tasks as well. That’s another option.

To increase productivity, what you want to do is set up a task about that project and put that you’re waiting to hear back from you know, Joe Smith, about whatever it may be. If you set a due date for it, it kind of pings you to say, “Hey, what happened to that? I didn’t hear back from that person. What’s going on with that project?” To make sure that it doesn’t slip through the cracks.

I’ll even take it a step further and, with all the email back and forth that I do with the teams I have for my clients, is that I’ll actually copy and paste some of the emails, especially if it’s got a lot of detail on the task and how to move forward with it or certain wordings or branding, whatever it may be. I actually copy and paste that and put it into the comment section of my teamwork tasks. That way, when I’m looking at the task, and it comes up through whether it’s an email application or just in the project management system itself, I see what the latest communication was and where I’m at and it kind of refreshes my memory, that way I don’t have to be digging back in old emails trying to figure out things when I finally do hear from the person or if I have to ask the person, “Hey, whatever happened to this?” Or, “Did you ever get any import?” Or, “Did this draft get approved? Can I move forward with it? Can I create this landing page?” Whatever it may be.

If you take responsibility and take ownership of that project, of that task, slide it into a calendar note, put it in your project management system that you’re waiting to find out about that piece of information. It will save your bacon. It’ll make you look good. It’ll just really increase your productivity, get things more focused, and stay on top of things.

That is it for today’s productivity tip. I do have some great productivity tips for you in Free Report, actually, which you can find out at It’s eight easy ways to be more productive, be more consistent, get more done, and be more successful. Hopefully that will help you.

Have a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.