Creating Profitable Facebook Campaigns with Mojca Zove

Oct 22, 2018


Creating Profitable Facebook Campaigns

I am super thrilled to be speaking to author, speaker, and Facebook Ad Expert Mojca Zove. She’ll share some tips on how to create profitable Facebook Campaigns.

  • You call it the science of FB Ads – how so?
  • So many dabble in Facebook Ads on their own and try to figure it out – what are the 3 biggest mistakes they make in trying to do Facebook campaigns?
  • What should our goals be while creating Facebook campaigns?
  • Is it better to be general or specific in your targeting?
  • How do we test and how does it optimize your campaigns?
  • Most FB Ad experts are focused on the Cost Per Click – how come and why does it count (besides your budget)?
  • What is a trend right now you are seeing in Facebook Ads right now?

Mojca Zove is the owner of Super Spicy Media and a Facebook Ads Expert that helps +7-figure companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads. She’s the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, and an international speaker. She recently successfully launched her first video course The Science of Facebook Ads.

Super Spicy Media is a boutique Facebook Advertising Agency founded in 2014. It’s owned by Mojca Zove (previously Mojca Mars).

Mojca established Super Spicy Media after losing her job at an advertising agency. She started small, but soon doubled her income after one year in business. She doubled that again in six months.

She now works with multimillion-dollar businesses from all over the globe. In her work she focuses on implementing previously tested and already successful strategies for generating the best results.

Mojca is a Facebook Ads expert, author of the Facebook Ads Manual, and international speaker. Her work focuses on helping businesses generate more leads and increase profits with a professionally-made Facebook Advertising Strategy, so they can devote their time to other aspects of their business.

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