Promote Your Podcast Episodes – 8 ways

Jun 15, 2016

Promote your podcast episodes to get more listeners!

Promote Your PodcastSo you’ve got some traction and let the world know you have a podcast show. This doesn’t mean the promoting is over! Now comes the fun part of sharing each podcast episode. This is where folks share, you broaden your exposure and reap the rewards! This is where the interview-style podcast is really beneficial. Not only do YOU promote the episode but so does the guest to their circles.


1. Do a LinkedIn Post for your feature podcast. Create a weekly post with the new episode that goes live each week. This ‘post’ is called the LinkedIn Pulse – and publishing articles in the LinkedIn Pulse.Tweet: Create wkly #LI #Pulse posts with each new #podcast episode. #SM ‎


promote your podcast2. Create and schedule social media posts for each episode. Focus on what the audience will learn, how they will benefit if they listen vs the guest and their credentials. This is what will make them click and listen.

Ex: Feeling fatigue at your desk? Learn how to combat entrepreneurial fatigue as I interview Functional Medicine Doc, Dr. Carri on Sailing To Success Podcast Show



promote your podcast3. Twitter Social Media Posts. I’m stating this separately as it needs to be treated slightly different. You always want to include the guests twitter handle when available, BUT you want to ensure there is a period before the @ symbol. Let me explain why.

When it’s only @joesmith the tweet will only be visible to you, the guest and those that follow you. This is not a broad range of viewers unless it becomes a conversation to which followers on both sides will be able to view.

Use .@joesmith and the tweet will go to ALL your followers and ALL their followers. You want to ensure it goes to as many folks as possible.


4. Encourage your guests to promote your podcast episode on their social media, but also their e-list. Make it easy for them. Inform them when it’s goes live (and you are promoting it), provide the url, the graphic and maybe even a pre-written social media post.Tweet: Encourage your guests to #promote your #podcast episode on their #SM

promote your podcast

5. Upload the audio to YouTube – seems strange, but it is taking off! In a nutshell, it merges the audio file, to your podcast graphic and creates a video file to put on YouTube. Here is one source –   Don’t forget to share the episode again with the YouTube link or embedded website page!

6. Create other social media posts from the tips, quotes and facts you gain in the podcast interview. *you may need the transcripts or show notes to do this. It’s a way of reusing the material.

Ex: “You can never be too healthy” -Dr.Carri (you can do a text graphic and also link back to the podcast)

7. Create an e-book of the best podcast episodes. You can get transcripts of the show, clean them up and create an e-book on topics that gel together or are related. Just another way to deliver your content.Tweet: Create an e-book of your best #podcast episodes.... why not, #entrepreneurs?

promote your podcast

8. Use the podcast as bonuses to any opt-in’s you have, or use as free gifts. Package some up to make a bundle. You can package the audio with a transcript too and provide it with an info product or Free Training you offer online. Another way of sharing the content and re-using.

Just a handful of ideas to make your podcast show ultra successful and increase your viewers and followers!

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