Master Your Public Speaking Skills To Crush That Podcast

Dec 15, 2021

Master Your Public Speaking Skills

Brenden Kumarasamy discusses how to master your public speaking skills to crush podcasting as either a podcast host, podcast guest, or both.

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The Most Important Skill You Should Master 

According to Brenden, communication is the most important skill you should master. 

And for a very specific reason: it doesn’t only affect your work in terms of the events, podcasts, and virtual summits you may be speaking at, but it impacts every single area of your life too.

So, as you’re focusing on taking your public speaking skills to the next level, you should never forget that communication is a vehicle that enables you to amplify your goals and dreams, and reach them faster.

It’s a Matter of…Perspective

Most podcasters end up picking the same people as guests for their show so it’s important to focus on the one differentiating factor that can make you and your show stand out: perspective.

Joe Rogan is a good example of this, as people often tune in to listen to how he reacts to what a guest is saying.

Ideally, as a host, you should want to communicate the perspective in a way that makes people want to listen. Ask yourself this: what’s the difference between those you want and those you don’t want to listen to?

Motivating Your Guests 

Some hosts think that the interaction with a guest starts during the interview… if you’re one of them, you’re making a critical mistake!

You see, setting the tone starts way before that. Think of the email exchange you may have with your guests in the days leading to the interview. 

Thinking about and asking questions like ‘What can I do to make this the best interview?’ will motivate your guests to bring their A-game (as opposed to hopping on the show and starting the interview with questions like ‘So, what do you do?’. Nothing could demotivate a guest more…).

Feeling “Bulletproof” as a Podcast Hosting

If you’re quite new to podcasting and are afraid, here’s what Brenden suggests you do to feel “bulletproof”. 

Get a group of friends who are pessimistic but who also want to see you succeed (I know, odd combination!), and have them ask you a bunch of questions related to your area of expertise.

You’ll get questions you haven’t thought about before, and that’s ok. Just try to answer them as fast as you can, and don’t be afraid to ask ‘What do you think?’ when you don’t know the answer to some questions – and get your friends’ perspectives.

This exercise will help you get used to addressing all types of questions related to your topics and will contribute to the overall improvement of your confidence.

What Did You Think?

‘What did you think?’ isn’t only a question you could ask your friends but you could ask podcast guests too.

If you’re striving to become a better communicator, podcaster, podcast guest, and public speaker, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask those you interact with for feedback.

Put your ego aside and don’t take anything too personally, but focus on taking those comments as things that will help you improve your public speaking skills.

Endless Gaze 

Filler words are another big issue that many podcast hosts and guests alike have. 

To get rid of the various ‘uhms, likes’, etc., Brenden recommends doing the so-called “endless gaze”. Look at something or someone for five minutes without saying a word. This will get you to take your time whenever you need to answer or start talking.

public speaking skills

The Way You Look

Speaking of confidence, the way you look is a contributing factor too.

Not only the way you dress, or the background you may have in your video interviews but actually giving the appearance that you know what you’re talking about. Even if you may feel a little nervous, you can use what you have learned through the endless gaze to take a few seconds to collect your thoughts and then answer any question with confidence.

This will leave a mark with those who are listening or watching you being interviewed.

‘Always Watch the Tape’

In the words of late basketball great Kobe Bryant: ‘Always watch the tape’. Listening to interviews you did as a guest is an excellent way to improve your public speaking skills.

What’s something you could have said better? Is there any question that, if asked in the future, you would answer differently?

Remember that, as a podcast guest, you should adapt to the hosts and their platform, not the other way around. 

“In the words of late basketball great Kobe Bryant: ‘Always watch the tape’. Listening to interviews you did as a guest is an excellent way to improve your public speaking skills.”


Addressing Your Fear of Communicating

I know, we all may be a little afraid of communicating, especially when we’re new to podcasting, podcast guesting, or we’re stepping on stage for the first time.

As Brenden advises, your goal shouldn’t be getting rid of your fear of communicating, rather focusing on your message.

‘Why are we on this podcast?’ 

‘Why are we delivering this message?’

‘Why is it important to those tuning in?’

If you focus on your message, and on who you’re trying to serve with your podcasting or podcast guesting endeavors, you’re going to do great.


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